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To serve: Spoon vegetables with marinade into dish and top with tomato confiture.
600 kg de dattes, fruits secs, conserves vegetales, legumineuses et confitures, 6.
Aside from products grown on their own land, Bioland's farm restaurant features food and confitures produced by a network of more than 17 fully organic farms and cooperatives across Lebanon.
Old Favorite Honey Recipes" presents recipes in thirteen categories, including beverages, breads, cakes, candies, confitures, cookies, desserts and dessert sauces, fillings and frostings, meat glazes and sauces, salads, salad dressings, sandwiches and vegetables.
In addition to the organic extra virgin olive oil, other products from the range include pate, confitures and jams, while the guestrooms in the converted farmhouse where we stayed offered samples from the De Padova skin and hair care range.
Et le fait de les prendre sous forme de confitures ou de jus de fruits serait aussi efficace (mais gare au excE s de sucre).
confitures de pruna negra i rossa, d'albercoc, de maduixa, de cirera.
Famous for its ready meal dishes, fruits in syrup, confitures, sterilised and pickled vegetables, Mira is distributed to wholesalers nationally and internationally, with products available in supermarkets in the USA, Israel, Russia and Germany.
Laureats du prix du meilleur stand agricole grand format, les 24 exposants comprenant des eleveurs de wapitis et des pisciculteurs, aninsi que des producteurs de canneberges, de vinaigres fins de gelees et de confitures, ont expose leurs produits dans le pavillon de l'agriculture du Nord de ;'Ontario, parraine per FedNor.