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ensure an integrated conflict perspective, full adherence to the sub-goal 5 (Human Security and freedom from violence) in the Swedish Aid Policy Framework and implementation of the strategy on Human Security,
Although conflict should be accepted from the conflict perspective point of view, interaction theory is being emphasized so that a coordinated, calm, and stressless group is inclined to go back to its own human nature i.
The Conflict Prevention Directorate and the Planning Directorate provide conflict assessment, prevention and resolution tools and have developed the Interagency Planni Framework and the Interagency Conflict Assessment Framework, a cross-cutting means of examining a nation through a conflict perspective.
Participants assessed radios role in todays Pakistan from a peace and conflict perspective, shared their experiences of how radio programming can be geared towards promoting coexistence and tolerance in Pakistani society.
Juventud y diferencia: una reflexion a partir de los conflictos Youth and Difference: A Reflexion from a Conflict Perspective
To be faithful to that heritage and to understand it, we need a conflict perspective, not least in solidarity with all who long for change today.
The author offers alternative discourses to"balance" the dominant discourses, adding a conflict perspective, critical pedagogy perspective and post-colonial approaches to conflict that might be useful.
The conflict perspective asserts that the notion of social control by the state grew out of social inequalities and the struggle that exists between different social classes and social interests.
The final chapter of the book summarizes the argument, considers two other Middle Eastern countries (Tunisia and Iraq) which had similar regimes in the early nineteenth century but which did not undertake foreign expansion, and offers a stimulating but more tentative application of the domestic political conflict perspective to a contemporary case of attempted foreign expansion--the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.
The overview includes the functionalist and the conflict perspectives and symbolic interactionism.

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