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A certain critical orientation of the trans segments is attained (3) beyond which these conformers pack together in fibrillar-type structures and orient parallel to the draw direction (21).
The correlation between the apparent degree of crystallinity of the surface obtained by DSC and the percentage of trans conformers obtained by PA-FTIR allowed the latter parameter to be separated into crystalline and amorphous trans conformers and to follow their evolution with the annealing process.
To fully account for the complexity of even such simple idealized system, one would need to consider (1) the exact initial numbers of "gauche" and "trans" conformers, (2) their different energies, and that (3) at any time t, those types of conformers would be subject (as explained in this section in the paragraph following Eqs.
We developed this protocol to solve some technical difficulties arising from the application of traditional SSCP analysis for mutation detection in DNA fragments longer than 400 bp, which was unable to separate single-strand conformers even at different gel compositions and temperatures.
And as the cross-sectional areas of the two protein conformers are different, by being able to separate them by shape, the SYNAPT HDMS System allows us to distinguish between the various protein forms.
The time course of the hydrolysis of the cis conformer in the absence and presence of PPIase was used to calculate enzyme activity as
This patent covers the efficient IL-7 pharmaceutical composition which should contain not only the specific IL-7 conformer as the major constituent, but should also be essentially devoid of other conformers or IL-7 molecular variants, previously considered as active products.
Contract award: delivery lenses and ophthalmic conformers (dzp-ab-271-179 / 2014).
Every martyr, Gregory writes, followed "scriptural injunctions and promises" (110), which served as the foundation for all faiths, including Roman Catholicism; whether the model was Abel, the Maccabees, Jesus, Stephen, or Paul, individuals embracing death were not "isolated mavericks" but conformers "to an ancient course of action" (119).
Most teens tend to be conformers, following the leads of trend-setters.
But until we achieve this Utopian state selective bans have their place to protect the conformers from the unreformed and bloody-minded.
Flik is the hero ant, an original thinker whose creative ideas often put him at odds with the rest of the conformers in his colony.