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Paul's view of history is linear and eschatological; that of Confucius is cyclical, with emphasis on the recurrence of the ideal past.
After visiting Confucius Institute at Tehran University, Li went to the site of Metro line 4 in Tehran, which was jointly constructed by Iran and China.
The Confucius Peace Prize jury committee is completely nongovernmental and we're using nongovernmental channels and the media to inform Lien Chan,'' he said.
It has backed the creation of hundreds of Confucius institutes to spread Chinese language and culture abroad.
A panel of 16 academics, who picked him for the Confucius Peace Prize, China's version of the Nobel, said he was 'outstanding in keeping world peace'.
In that spirit, China's new Confucius Peace Prize is especially revealing in its ham-handedness.
And still some admitted they were attracted by the moral points in the story of Confucius.
The event was arranged by Confucius Institute, the Chinese Cultural Centre, set up at UAF in collaboration with the Xinjiang Agricultural University (XAU), China.
In addition to strengthening our economic links, the work of Ulster University s Confucius Institute is invaluable in fostering greater academic, social and cultural understanding between Northern Ireland and China.
Coventry's institute will become the region's only Confucius centre and one of 26 in the UK.
KARACHI -- The Confucius Institute of the University of Karachi is playing a pivotal role in the promotion of Chinese language and culture, Vice Consul General of China in Karachi, Mu Yongpeng said on Tuesday.