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one of the movements within Calvinism that arose in England in the second half of the 16th century as a radical faction in Puritanism. The most eminent of the founders was R. Brown (hence, Brownists, the other name for Congregationalists). During the English bourgeois revolution of the 17th century the group acted as a political party. The Congregationalists found their second homeland in the English colonies of North America.

Each Congregationalist congregation is autonomous, considers Christ at its head, and determines for itself its form of worship and creed, selects its leaders and a pastor, accepts and expels members, and does not acknowledge subordination to a presbytery, as do the Presbyterians. However, each Congregationalist congregation “covenants” its religious beliefs and worship with other Congregationalist congregations. In practice, Congregationalists are orthodox Calvinist Protestants who follow the Savoy Confession (1658, London), formed according to the example of the Calvinist Presbyterian Westminister Confession, but replacing the Presbyterian church organization with the Congregationalist organization.

Congregationalist congregations are found mainly in English-speaking countries and have approximately 2 million members. The International Congregational Council was founded in 1891, with its center in London. Congregationalists are active in the ecumenical movement.


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the Congregational Church will open for carol singing and the reading of the names honored by the Lights of Love.
at the First Congregational Church of Akron, 292 East Market Street, Akron Ohio.
PROTEST: The man on the roof of Oxton Congregational church
Churches participating are First Congregational Church, Main Street; First United Methodist Church, 161 Main St.
Congregational Church of the Chimes will continue its 47th annual Golden West Fair on the corner of Magnolia Street and Hazeltine Street in Sherman Oaks from 10 a.
Rockwell was the eldest, lifelong member of the First Congregational Church, where she also belonged to its Women's Fellowship.
He was a former Chariman of the Grafton Republican Committee, member of the Grafton VFW Post 1497 and a member of the Union Congregational Church in South Grafton.
A 22-year resident of Woodland Hills, Cox was a choir member at Woodland Hills Community Congregational Church.
Darlene Joyce Parrett, 72, married Roland Joseph Mattison, 79, on June 2 in Mayflower Gardens Congregational Church.
She worked at the former Sears and Robuck Catalogue Store in Whitinsville, volunteered at the Northbridge Food Pantry when it was first established, and was a long time member of the Village Congregational Church where she taught Sunday school when her children were young.
Bill Trump of Congregational Church of the Chimes and Rabbi Sally Olins of Temple B'nai Hayim will exchange pulpits as part of Brotherhood-Sisterhood Week.
He was a member of the United Congregational Church where he served as a sexton for 47 years.

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