aesculus hippocastanum

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horse chestnut tree

horse chestnut tree

Grows over 100 ft (35m) Nuts are moderately poisonous. Toxin is destroyed by roasting or boiling. Seeds contain a saponin called Escin, which is used externally to reduce swelling and increase skin tissue tone, increasing circulation and encouraging flexibility. Be careful.
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He said: "I walked across the road to the big conker tree opposite our house and put my arms around this tree.
Richard Bottomley asked for a new woodland in his Coundon neighbourhood to include a conker tree after one was destroyed by workmen a month ago.
Rattling We went on top, which was always the only way to travel on a tram, and could see and hear the branches of the trees rattling against the windows as we went along, and as you got nearer "The Lickeys", those trees became conker trees and are still there to this day in the middle of the road.
There are still conker trees across the road where I used to play with the neighbours' kids.
Lower down, boys climbing conker trees, Shaking the branches.
South Tyneside District Council felled a line of conker trees in 2004 to stop youngsters injuring themselves.
Then the bone rattling tram ride from Navigation Street along the Bristol Road through the conker trees whose branches scraped along the sides of the trams, drinking cold tea out of a milk bottle, and eating bread and lard sarnies covered in salt and pepper.
Coventry's finest collection of conker trees - horse chestnuts - at Coombe Abbey park are dying of the twin menace of leaf miner insect and creeping canker.
A corner hydrangea once struggled until the conker trees grew tall.
Hazel discovered conker trees in Jordan Well in Coventry city centre were dropping two weeks early because of the warmth.
Around September time we tend to start getting a few phone calls about problem conker trees.
LAST week, because the sticks children were throwing to try and dislodge conkers were threatening to damage passing cars, the authorities were chopping branches off conker trees.