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continuous house

A house that is connected to several other ancillary facilities such as a barn, privy, shed, and/or stable; advantageous in areas having a harsh winter climate because this arrangement permits the residents to use these dependencies without going outdoors. Compare with telescope house.
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People by twos and threes in their Sunday best filed slowly along the paths that connected farm to farm.
However, a more technology-dependent and connected farm is a more vulnerable one, without the necessary security protocols.
Coupled with Trimble's Connected Farm solution, HarvestMark enables producers to make real-time decisions that improve the quality and safety of fresh food grown on their farms, the company said.
Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) said it will be adding a profit and loss reporting feature to its Connected Farm Field application, a web-based field data management tool where growers can manage field boundaries, task data, crop health maps and precipitation data.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-January 21, 2013-Trimble introduces new feature on Connected Farm app for improved automated calculation of recommended nitrogen rates(C)1995-2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
To ensure better decision making, Trimble also offers an integrated operations management solution called Connected Farm that provides information exchange across the entire farm.
Tom Hubka, author of “Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn: The Connected Farm Buildings of New England” will be the featured speaker, and tours of ifarm's barn, carriage house, and farmhouse will be given throughout the day.
The new modem can be used to access Trimble[R] VRS Now Ag RTK correction service and to enable Connected Farm wireless field data transfer.
In late July, Asheville hosted the Southeast Region Farm to School Conference, which connected farm to school participants from Kentucky to Florida and brought in experts from other regions to speak about farm to school achievements and possibilities in our area.
This connection allows Trimble to enhance the value of its Connected Farm and Farm Works Software solutionsTrimble's web-based and desktop farm management solutionsby downloading as-applied and yield task data from Operations Center.
Coupled with Trimble's Connected Farm solution, Iron Solutions will enable improved real-time decisions for equipment fleets and more tightly link equipment, seed and chemical dealers to the grower through its ERP/CRM systems, Trimble said.
Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) has announced the creation of its Connected Farm Fleet app built to serve managers and technicians by enabling them to access their fleet information from any location.

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