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continuous house

A house that is connected to several other ancillary facilities such as a barn, privy, shed, and/or stable; advantageous in areas having a harsh winter climate because this arrangement permits the residents to use these dependencies without going outdoors. Compare with telescope house.
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People by twos and threes in their Sunday best filed slowly along the paths that connected farm to farm.
Trimble's Connected Farm solution includes a robust suite of recently announced features including variable rate prescription mapping tools for the farmer and advisor as well as a financial profit and loss summary for each field.
Trimble stated that the contract would assist to extend the monitoring and reporting abilities of its Connected Farm solution and make stronger its water management proficiency.
Trimble introduced today a Connected Farm app for smartphone platforms.
Using Trimble's Connected Farm solution, farmers can wirelessly send their yield monitoring data from the field to the office for later analysis, saving time and increasing efficiencies during the busy harvest season.
Growers can Choose the Best Applications for their Farming Operations and Leverage the Power of the Connected Farm from the Tractor
Farmers and drainage and leveling contractors can use the WM-Topo system to collect topographic data across a field that can be transferred to Farm Works Surface software or the FmXA integrated display via a USB stick, or wirelessly via Trimble's Connected Farm solution.
Connected Farm leverages the latest in cloud technology to ensure that the data is safely stored, backed-up, and only accessible to users whom the grower has selected.
IRON Solutions Broadens the Connected Farm User Community through Market Neutral Information and Analytics
Trimble and RavenA announced today that users of the TrimbleA Connected Farm solution can now view task data and as-applied maps transferred wirelessly from Raven's SlingshotA system.
Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) said it will be adding a profit and loss reporting feature to its Connected Farm Field application, a web-based field data management tool where growers can manage field boundaries, task data, crop health maps and precipitation data.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-January 21, 2013-Trimble introduces new feature on Connected Farm app for improved automated calculation of recommended nitrogen rates(C)1995-2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.

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