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Connellite was collected quite recently at Ightem, in a remarkable "sulfate paragenesis" where it is associated with gypsum, copper sulfides and deep brown grains of sphalerite, in fissures in a block of dolomite.
Associated with this material were atacamite, brochantite, claringbullite, gerhardtite and considerable amounts of connellite.
Exploring the 5 level of the Southwest mine one day in August of 1986, Dick and his sons spotted a suspiciously altered-looking area on a mine wall, with, just behind it, a tiny vug of bright blue, acicular microcrystals which turned out later to be the very rare species connellite and claringbullite.
And finally there were specimens of superbly well crystallized atacamite, paratacamite, connellite, claringbullite, spangolite, and other very rare secondary chlorides--23 species in all (see Graeme, 1993).
The prize specimen in this display was the finest connellite specimen in the world (from Bisbee).
Associated minerals are: cuprite, copper, silver, algodonite, domeykite, malachite, connellite, olivenite, theoparacelsite and gerhardtite.
In the fossil wood many mineral species have been found, including copper, chalcocite, volborthite, cornubite, chalcophyllite, zeunerite, connellite and many others.
An exceedingly rare species at Rudabanya, connellite was found associated with cuprite as deep blue irregular aggregates up to 0.
Juanitaite occurs at one occurrence as square crystal plates with rounded corners in sheaflike subparallel aggregates and rosettes associated with conichalcite and mixite, scattered over fracture surfaces on limonitic matrix, and in another occurrence with connellite, tyrolite and azurite on quartz.
Also, it can easily be argued that Bisbee may well have been the source of the best examples of these supergene copper minerals as well: aurichalcite, connellite, cyanotrichite, malachite and shattuckite.
Other associated minerals: mcalpineite, pyrite, hematite, acanthite, chrysocolla, connellite, enargite, hinsdalite, svanbergite and an undefined Cu-Zn-Te-mineral.
These include scorodite, chalcophyllite, connellite and clinoclase.