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Mack, Connie

(Cornelius McGillicuddy), 1862–1956, American baseball player and manager, b. East Brookfield, Mass. He was a star catcher for the Washington Senators (1886–89) and the Pittsburgh Pirates (1891–94). After gaining managerial experience with the Pittsburgh (1891–96) and the Milwaukee (1897–1900) clubs, Mack became (1901–50) manager, and ultimately chief owner, of the Philadelphia Athletics of the newly organized American League. Under his guidance the Athletics won nine pennants and five World Series, and he skippered his teams to more wins (3,731) than any other manager. In 1937 he was named to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. After 1937 he met with repeated illnesses, and increasing managerial responsibilities were given to his son, Earle Mack. Connie Mack continued as president of the Athletics until 1954, when the team was moved to Kansas City.


See his autobiography (1950); biography by N. L. Macht (2 vol., 2007–).

Mack, Connie (b. Cornelius Alexander McGilicuddy)

(1862–1956) baseball manager/executive; born in East Brookfield, Mass. He managed more games (7,878), won more games as manager (3,776), and lost more games (4,025) than any manager in the history of baseball. He managed the Pittsburgh Pirates (1894–96) and the Philadelphia Athletics for an incredible 50 years (1901–50), during which time he was also a part or full owner of the club. His Athletics won nine pennants and five World Series. He was one of only a few managers ever to manage from the dugout in civilian clothes. One of the most respected figures in the history of the game, he was elected to baseball's Hall of Fame in 1937.
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