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Connors, Jimmy

(James Scott Connors, Jr.), 1952–, American tennis player, b. East St. Louis, Ill. A volatile, controversial, and fiercely competitive player, Connors was known for his theatrical conduct on the court as well as for his powerful two-handed backhand, strong return of service, accurate baseline play, and agility. He remains the all-time leader in men's tournament victories (109) and held the men's number one ranking for 160 weeks (1974–77), a record that was broken in 2007 by Roger FedererFederer, Roger,
1981–, Swiss tennis player, b. Basel. He was an outstanding junior player, ranking number one in 1998, the year he turned pro. Federer won his first Association of Tennis Professionals tournament in 2001 at Milan, and scored his first major victory in 2003
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. He won five U.S. Open titles (1974, 1976, 1978, 1982, and 1983) on three different surfaces, two Wimbledon singles titles (1974 and 1982), and one Australian Open title (1974). Since his retirement he has worked as a television commentator on tennis and as a tennis coach.

Connors, (James Scott) Jimmy

(1952–  ) tennis player; born in Belleville, Ill. A left-hander who specialized in the two-handed backhand, he won Wimbledon twice (1974, 1982), the Australian Open (1974), and the U.S. Open five times (1974, 1976, 1978, 1982–83). In 1984 he became the first player ever to win 100 singles titles. Noted in his early years for his boisterous behavior that defied the traditionally decorous manners of tennis, he played on for so many years that he came to seem almost mellow.
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