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(1) Adherents of conservative views, opponents of progress and reforms (in political life, literature and art, science).

(2) In Great Britain and a number of other countries, members of the Conservative parties.

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We invited, in particular, a younger generation of writers--recipients of graduate fellowships from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute over the past decade or so--to tell us what a new generation of conservatives can learn from an engagement with the thinkers in Kirk's canon.
Much of the public believes a useful, but unsupportable, myth about the SCLM, and the media itself have been cowed by conservatives into repeating their nonsensical nostrums virtually nonstop.
Indeed, according to Herzog it is "contempt for pariah groupings" that was "the ground of unholy community between conservatives and democrats" (p.
Travel with Cuneo, and you will meet conservatives ferociously loyal to the papacy, traditionalists who cling to a pre-Vatican II past, and Marianists whose antennae are tuned to messages from heavenly figures.
Despite the continuing drumbeat they hear from the statists who dominate politics, book publishing, filmmaking, the news business, the academic community, and much of organized religion, the American people still think conservative - even if they don't identify themselves as conservatives.
Altemeyer says it's "a scientifically established fact" that political, religious, and economic conservatives are High RWAS, and Dean concludes that our government "is run by an array of authoritarian personalities" who are "dominating, opposed to equality, desirous of personal power, amoral, intimidating .
carrying off a small band of conservatives, and liberals who had only recently become enthusiastic about the party heading to some other structure.
Modern conservatives are likewise usually more willing to decry lust than greed a temptation that may hit a little closer to home, and raises awkward questions about one of the right's sacred cows, the free market.
Dinh, like other supposed Bush-era conservatives, inverts Jefferson's familiar warning that "in questions of power .
He criticized social conservatives for championing ID, which he said threatens conservative political hegemony.
The Liberal-NDP deal was made after the Conservatives hinted that from here on in they would oppose the original budget.

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