video game console

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video game console

A specialized desktop computer used to play video games. The two most popular consoles are Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox. Nintendo's Wii is also a contender that simulates physical participation in activities such as bowling and playing tennis (see Wii).

Game software is available on CDs or DVDs, although earlier game machines used cartridges containing read only memory (ROM) chips. Video game consoles require a TV or monitor for display.

Proprietary Systems
Video game consoles are typically powered by operating systems and CPUs that differ from desktop computers. The consoles are under the control of their respective manufacturers, and the software is geared to the machine's capabilities. Games are not interchangeable with other game consoles or desktop computers, although software publishers may develop games for more than one platform.

Handheld Games
Handheld video games are miniature versions of game consoles and less elaborate. They are entirely portable, self-contained, battery-operated devices with their own small screens. Examples are the PlayStation Portable, Nintendo GameBoy and earlier Sega GameGear and Atari Lynx machines. See gaming, video game, video game controller, wireless game adapter, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Nintendo DS and Wii.

PlayStation 3 Console
Sony's first PlayStation came out in 1995 and garnered a huge fan club over the years. The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is the third generation of the line and the first game console to include a Blu-ray drive. (Image courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment.)

Xbox 360 Console
With the Xbox introduction in 2001, Microsoft entered the video game console market. Four years later, it dramatically increased the Xbox's power with the 360. (Image courtesy of Microsoft Corporation.)

Sony's Handheld
In 2005, a decade after introducing the PlayStation game console, Sony came out with its first handheld model, the PlayStation Portable (PSP). The PSP also plays music and videos and displays photos. (Image courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment.)
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But it seems the PC controls of mouse and keyboard transfer over quite well, and although a gamepad will never replace the hardcore PC peripherals, this version's appeal was the hope it would make it more accessible to console gamer and I reckon it has.
THANKS to the likes of Medal of Honour and Call of Duty, you'd struggle to find a console gamer who hasn't spent time skulking in a World War Two trench.
99 out now THANKS to the likes of Medal of Honour and Call of Duty, you'd struggle to find a console gamer who hasn't spent time skulking in a World War Two trench.
Any console gamer should be able to pick up the Razer Edge with controller and start playing instantly.
There's a bit of tactics and strategy, but not enough to tax a console gamer.
The redesign builds on Game Front's strong PC heritage but also is focused on incorporating editorial content and original video targeting the highly coveted console gamer.
Whether you're a PC or console gamer, Dragon Age: Origins reinvents the fantasy experience, combining a great story with raw emotion and brutal action.
Logitech and Astro, together, is the number one maker of headsets, mice, keyboards and streaming webcams for PC and console gamers.
The upcoming reboot of the first-person shooter Prey has been teased for a while and console gamers will soon be able to take an early look at the game.
Originally slated for a September release, console gamers will finally get their hands on Final Fantasy XV on Nov.
The core console gamers segment, which comprises 12 percent of all U.
Console gamers who can now choose between a $299 slim PS4 or Xbox One S, a more powerful $399 PS4 Pro, and next year's Project Scorpio, now have more options than ever before.