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contraction of consolidated annuities, a bond issue designed to consolidate two or more outstanding issues, used in reference to British government stock. Public borrowing began in England with the establishment of the Bank of England and the national debt (1693–94), and the growth of the debt produced a confusing variety of stocks. Prime Minister Henry Pelham began to consolidate existing stocks in 1751. The consolidated stocks had a fixed rate of interest, or annuity, payable by the Bank of England, with premiums to be paid if the market conditions justified such payments. Consols bore no maturity date and were redeemable on call by the government. During the late 19th and early 20th cent., consols constituted the major part of the national debt and were thus a reliable index to the state of national credit.
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On the other hand, on the Consolidated Stock Exchange of New York, a young and less important exchange, the failures were comparatively few.
This is accomplished through the personal Dashboard -- a set of interactive, activity-centric modules that enable users to track their net worth, monitor a personalized, consolidated stock portfolio, consolidate their emails, and much more.
Akiko owns 250,000 shares of Chief Consolidated stock and is entitled to require Korea Zinc to exercise up to 2.
Akiko currently holds 250,000 shares of Chief Consolidated stock which closed trading last Friday on the NASDAQ exchange at US$12.
Korea Zinc receives 500,000 private placement shares of Chief Consolidated stock for its initial US$2 million investment, and will invest US$1 million in Akiko Gold upon execution of the joint venture agreement.
And on June 10, 1914, Mr Field handed over the cottages, a trust deed, land and PS350 in consolidated stocks, to The Skelmanthorpe Cottage Homes charity.
The Daily News today presents new mutual fund listings and consolidated stocks tables that are easier to use and contain more information over the course of each week.

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