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a palace and park complex of the 18th and early 19th centuries located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland between Petrodvorets and Leningrad. Noteworthy architectural monuments include the baroque Petrine Wooden Palace (1718; restored in 1750 and 1834–40) and the Great Palace (1720–1802, designed by N. Michetti and restored by L. Ruska after a fire in 1803). The Great Palace’s regularly planned Lower Park (designed by B. C. Rastrelli, V. V. Rastrelli, J. B. Leblond, and other architects) is crisscrossed by canals. The palaces and parks, which were seriously damaged between 1941 and 1944 by the fascist German invaders, are being restored.


Ardikutsa, V. E. Petrodvorets: Putevoditei. Leningrad, 1974.
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Only through development can we avoid a relapse of the crisis and secure long-term sustainability of the economy," he told the second day of the G20 summit at the Constantine Palace outside St Petersburg.
They are expected to touch on the three major agenda items -- energy, infectious diseases and education -- at the outset of their working sessions Sunday at the Constantine Palace.
Participants were driven in dark limousines to the lavish Constantine Palace overlooking the Gulf of Finland, where President Vladimir Putin greeted them with a handshake and posed for a photograph.

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