Constantine the Great

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Constantine the Great:

see Constantine IConstantine I
or Constantine the Great
, 288?–337, Roman emperor, b. Naissus (present-day Niš, Serbia). He was the son of Constantius I and Helena and was named in full Flavius Valerius Constantinus.
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, Roman emperor.
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Most library historians are silent on, or glide superficially over, the Byzantine Empire--the thousand-year continuation of the Eastern Roman Empire from 33 when Constantinople became the capital of Constantine the Great to 1453 when the city was conquered by the Turks and renamed Istanbul.
This important art-historical study, which also makes extensive reference to literary and liturgical material, is devoted to the history of the wood of the cross from its beginnings in the time of Constantine the Great to the period of the well-known late-medieval frescos, such as that in Santa Croce in Florence.
Constantine the Great gave liberty to Christianity in the fourth century, connecting the church with the empire.
Orthodox Christians - 250 million of them worldwide - follow a decree of the Ecumenical Council of Nicaea, Asia Minor, held under Emperor Constantine the Great in 325 A.
In its pages one finds a thorough commitment to using social science to understand the development of Christianity from its early stages through the conversion of Constantine the Great and his subsequent edict of toleration [p.
Among the errors noted: it was Constantius II, not "Constantine" who first removed the Altar of Victory from the Senate in Rome (52); and Constantine the Great was succeeded by three of his sons, not two (160).
In the course of the fourth century, Constantinople, founded by Emperor Constantine the Great, gradually replaced Rome as the administrative centre of the Roman Empire.
giving a visual timeline of the evolution of ancient Rome, from the time of Augustus to Constantine the Great.
In 850 Constantine was called back by Theoctistus and appointed professor of philosophy at the university where he succeeded his famous teacher Photius, receiving the title Philosophos, the most prestigious intellectual post in the Empire at the university founded by Constantine the Great.
Several years ago it was planned for the airline to launch winter charters from Minsk to Niš Constantine the Great Airport, however, the airline and hoteliers at the nearby mountain resort of Kopaonik failed to reach an agreement.
Constantine the Great was declared a Roman Hugh Jackman - see Question 9 emperor in which English city?
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