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The transient rheology data for the unmodified 3H1 could be successfully fitted with the RP-S constitutive equation [43].
The results suggest that a "segmented" constitutive equation of Dorn type is most suitable for the low-temperature behavior, while a "hyperbolic" constitutive equation may be preferable at high temperature.
Based on experiment research, the upper convected Maxwell constitutive equation is suitable to describe the viscoelastic of polymer solution.
Integrating constitutive equation (3) and using the Gauss divergence theorem the following equation is obtained:
Rubber characteristics in a given constitutive equation are unique, and as such, testing needs to be repeated for every compound and test condition (temperature, aging media and period).
Schneck, "A constitutive equation for whole human blood" Bzorheologv, 1976.
Substituting from the constitutive equation (8) into the above equation and using [theta] = T - [T.
Based on this model, a theoretical calculation was compared with CA fiber dry-spinning industry data [11], Gou and McHugh [12, 13] developed a modified dry-spinning model with a viscoelastic constitutive equation.
To consider wave propagation in the felt material and using the results of the piano hammers study, we proposed in [11] a one-dimensional constitutive equation of the wool felt material in the form
The common polymer constitutive equation is the Ogden hyperelastic model, having doubly-infinite material-specific constants.