Constraint Logic Programming

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Constraint Logic Programming

(CLP) A programming framework based (like Prolog) on LUSH (or SLD) resolution, but in which unification has been replaced by a constraint solver. A CLP interpreter contains a Prolog-like inference engine and an incremental constraint solver. The engine sends constraints to the solver one at a time. If the new constraint is consistent with the collected constraints it will be added to the set. If it was inconsistent, it will cause the engine to backtrack.

CLP* is a variant.

["Constraint Logic Programming", J. Jaffar et al, 14th POPL, ACM 1987].
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A declarative constraint logic programming environment with MP-library (Eplex) as a declarative hybrid framework was chosen for the implementation of this method and model.
For readers familiar with Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) programs, we can say that SCLP(S) programs (also written SCLP when the semiring is obvious or not important) are just CLP programs [Jaffar and Lassez 1987] where constraints are defined over a certain c-semiring S = <A, +, x, 0, 1>.
The constraint logic programming systems {log} [Dovier and Rossi 1993]; ECLIPSE [Eclipse 1994]; Conjunto [Gervet 1994]; and CLPS [Legeard and Legros 1991] allow finite set domains and constraints on them.
Finally, Section 12 compares our proposal with similar proposals in the field of Constraint Logic Programming languages with sets, while Section 13 presents concluding remarks and directions for future research.
Beyond the constraint programming books mentioned so far in this review--where the approach is a theoretical, language-independent introduction to the field--there is an alternative stream of texts whose approach is grounded in constraint logic programming (Fruhwirth and Abdennadher 2003; Marriott and Stuckey 1998; Van Hentenryck 1989).
We now recall some standard definitions in constraint logic programming.
We hired Vijay Saraswat, whose CMU dissertation [17] was on concurrent constraint programming: an elegant synthesis of concurrent logic programming and constraint logic programming.
In the next section we will generalize independence, search space preservation, and the parallel execution model to the constraint logic programming context.
Additional Key Words and Phrases: Compilation, constraint logic programming, program analysis, program optimization, source-to-source program transformation
Constraint logic programming is one of the most promising areas in the field of the logic programming.
This class includes the so-called confluent CCP, a special case of which is constraint logic programming with dynamic scheduling.
Similarly, the motivation for developing Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) can be viewed from these two perspectives.

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