Construction documents

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Construction documents

The third phase of architectural basic services wherein the approved design development documents are used to prepare the working drawings, specifications and the bidding information for approval by the owner.

working drawings

Drawings, intended for use by a contractor, subcontractor, or fabricator, which form part of the contract documents for a building project; contain the necessary information to manufacture or erect an object or structure.
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Preparation Of Complete Set Of Construction Documents And Environmental Mitigation Plans Developed From A Client-approved Set Of Scope Documents.
Sara Rezaeian, is a junior architect, who will assist in the development of projects from schematic design to the creation of construction documents.
Petry explained that the DEP has asked to first receive a hydraulics and hydrology report before they review the actual construction documents.
By carefully examining construction documents and plans, however, the amount attributable to personal property is determined to be 20% of the total cost, and the land improvements an additional 13%.
At Interior Architects, he spends his days facilitating the design developments of the firm's other architects and senior designers by transferring their sketches and ideas to computer generated, 2-D and 3-D renderings, and eventually into construction documents.
Accurately interpret graphic and written construction documents
Since its founding 4 years ago, PlanGrid has grown into the largest digital blueprint repository in the world, storing over 30 million construction documents, and recently entered into a mobility partnership with Apple to provide more robust, end-to-end solutions for the construction field.
In this capacity, he will aid in the development of projects from the schematic design phase on through to the creation of construction documents.
Towne said if everything goes according to plan, construction documents for the ranch on 25 of 326 acres the city purchased from the original 23,000-acre Broom Ranch, should be completed by summer.
It also serves as the pivotal starting point for understanding CSI's core values, as well as a useful study aid for those wishing to obtain the Construction Documents Technologist certificate.
Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents: Schematic design through Construction Documents involves the development of Contract Documents, permitting, and assistance in the bidding process.
In his new role, he will be responsible for preparing design and construction documents.

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