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Consular Agent


in international relations. (1) A term for the head of a consular institution (consular agency) in customary consular relations in a number of states, including the USSR. The rank of consular agent is provided for in the Vienna convention on consular relations of 1963.

According to the USSR consular charter of 1926 the consular agent is appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR upon receiving the preliminary agreement (agrément) of the appropriate powers of the state where the agent is to be sent. The consular agent, in addition to being subordinate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR and the diplomatic representative of the USSR in the country where he is located, is also subordinate to the consul, vice-consul, or general consul of the USSR nearest him in the given country. In 1967 the Soviet Union had a consular agency headed by a consular agent in Santiago de Cuba in the Republic of Cuba.

The function of the consular agent is defined by consular agreements (if they exist) between corresponding countries, by customary international law, the Vienna convention of 1963 on consular relations, consular decrees, and by the regulations of his native country. These functions are implemented in accordance with the laws and customs of the country where he is sent and with international law based on a specific document—exequatur.

(2) In the practice of a number of states—for instance, the German Democratic Republic—the consular agent is a functionary in a consular institution. However, in accordance with legislation in these countries, the consular agent is appointed with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his state by the consul himself and is subordinate to him, acting as the authorized consul in individual private affairs, for example, in questions of navigation and questions of inheritance.


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The consular agent in Mazatlan, John Palmerin, and consular assistants, Leticia Hernandez and Heather Kasemeier, collectively have more than 50 years' experience working with Mazatlan city officials to help U.
On his return to Sofia, Kermekchiev resumed his work as a consular agent, doctor and writer; however, his views on WWI did not match the American policy of neutrality so he resigned at the end of 1914.
Bought and sold five times, she was taken to Italy by her final purchaser, an Italian consular agent.
The biography also develops other aspects of Calvert's life including his role as United States consular agent in the Dardanelles.
In case of an emergency in the Barranquilla/north coast area, please contact the Embassy in Bogota at (571) 275-2000 which will forward the call to our Consular Agent.
The first American Consular Agent in Bulgaria was actually a Bulgarian national, Asen Kermekchiev (later Ace Kermek), a businessman, physician, and journalist.
A senior diplomat in the French embassy in the Capital said Mazurier was a consular agent in the Bangalore consulate and holds an official passport and not a diplomatic one.
Judges include Donald Peterson, the Honorary Consul of Sweden and Brittney Peterson local costume designer and Consular Agent to the Royal Consul of Sweden, Darrin Alfred, Design Curator from the Denver Art Museum, and Beth Bradley, Associate Editor, Sew News.
government services in Izmir, including our Consular Agent, U.
consular agent in the Cayman Islands to assist in providing services for American citizens.
Since consular agent William Higinbotham was posted there in 1818, more than 40 American diplomats have represented the United States in Bermuda.
In case of emergency in the San Pedro Sula/north coast area, please contact the Embassy in Tegucigalpa at (504) 2236-9320/2238-5114, which will forward the call to the consular agent if necessary.