Consumer Budget

Budget, Consumer


the balance of income and expenditures of a family, which characterizes the established (real consumer budget) or calculated (normative consumer budget) living standard of various groups of workers’ families. It shows family income according to sources of revenue and expenditures according to their purpose.

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145 teachers who teach the Life Knowledge discipline on the primary and secondary education level were trained on Life Knowledge and financial literacy, coins, consumer budget planning, economical use of available resources, price, the role of supply and demand in the economy, the role of labor and of its types in economic processes, production infrastructures and other topics.
The impact is substantial on the consumer, he says, as housing and utilities and food constitute around 55 per cent of the consumer budget.
Moreover, MEPs want to give more prominence to product safety measures by switching 3% of the funds allocated to consumer information and education to consumer safety (increasing funding for the latter to 25% of the overall consumer budget and reducing it for the former to 34%).
Minister Abdullaeva said the minimum consumer budget of retired persons made 2,795 soms ($78) by April 1, while almost 96% of retired persons receive allowance worth up to $42.
For a sample worksheet, refer to BLACK ENTERPRISE'S Consumer Budget Planner in "The Art of Savvy Budgeting," May 2000, p.
Somewhat less successful is his use of consumer budget studies, from Wright's 1875 reports of Massachusetts workers to Jessica Peixotto's interpretation of professors' consumption patterns.
Gas is perhaps the most price-sensitive item of all, due to its prominent exterior-displayed pricing and its large share of the consumer budget.
Ranging from 3 [pounds sterling] to 15 [pounds sterling], the gift packs cater for every consumer budget, making either ideal stocking fillers or luxurious treats.
That sounds easy, but it takes discipline and honesty--in other words, don't omit anything, no matter how small, To get: started, use our sample Consumer Budget Planner form in this article to balance your books.
Even in the current recessionary environment, there is an opportunity for operators, content providers and their partners to tap into the consumer budget for low-cost, instantly available entertainment services.
For additional general money management tips, a copy of our consumer survey, or a free consumer budget guide, contact one of our certified credit counselors at 800-994-3328.
Consumer spending remains strong and inflation remains even, they note, counterbalancing consumer budget reallocation due to higher fuel costs and a deteriorating employment market.

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