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consumer electronics

A wide-ranging field of electronics for the general user that includes devices such as TVs, VCRs, radios, walkie-talkies, hi-fi stereo, home theater, handheld and software-based games, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and Internet-connected appliances.

The implication was that people purchase consumer electronics for casual use and entertainment rather than professional use. However, each year, consumer devices become as sophisticated as yesteryear's professional gear. In addition, smartphones, tablets and smartwatches fit into both consumer and business categories.

What a Bunch of Names!
The name changes with the times. In 1924, the Radio Manufacturers Association (RMA) was founded to embrace the new wireless phenomenon. In 1950, it became the Radio-Television Manufacturers Association (RTMA), and three years later the Radio-Electronics-Television Manufacturers Association (RETMA). RETMA became the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) in 1957, and EIA's Consumer Electronics Group became the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA) in 1995. CEMA became CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) in 1999, and in 2015, CEA was renamed CTA (Consumer Technology Association). See CE quality, CES and consumer.
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The announcement came today at the Consumer Electronic Show's (CES) New York Press Preview, the Consumer Electronics Association's annual sneak peak of the hottest new products and upcoming 2007 International CES technology trends.
Explay specializes in the development of ultra small, full color, nano-projector engines for the consumer electronic market.
664, Tricastmedia will launch its flash like UI development platform for mobile and consumer electronic devices.
com, a leading provider of on-demand and custom physical personalization of mobile devices, is now offering the largest collection of Fox Entertainment vinyl skins featuring FOX's animated hit series, "The Simpsons," on more than 500 consumer electronic devices.
HERZLIYA, Israel -- Explay, a developer of nano-projector engines for consumer electronic products, announced today that its nano-projector engine successfully produced eye-safe, always focused images in tests with several leading mobile devices such as mobile phones, portable media players and digital camcorders.
LONDON -- Oregan Networks, a software provider that licenses its embedded solutions to convergence carriers and Consumer Electronic brands, today announced availability of a new feature for delivery of Skype message alerts and caller ID to TV-centric devices, aiming to further enrich the end consumer's experience and interactivity.
is a leading manufacturer specialized in developing and manufacturing advanced digital satellite communication and wireless consumer electronic products.
The study examines the market opportunity for HDDs in the following applications: portable and desktop PCs, personal storage, traditional workstations, enterprise storage systems, and various consumer electronic applications.
which provides Samsung rights to incorporate VCR Plus+(R) and Gemstar-TV Guide's Consumer Electronic interactive program guide (IPG) into its portfolio of digital televisions, digital recording devices and VCRs.
The Global Consumer Electronic Sensors Market is expected to reach USD 34.
By integrating XCode II into their consumer electronic devices, OEMs are guaranteed all the functionality and quality of a broadcasting head-end unit while benefiting from accelerated time to market and lower production costs.
Skinit and 3M Partner to Deliver the Most Advanced Construction and Adhesive Products for Personalization of Consumer Electronic Devices

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