Container Trailer

Container Trailer


a container with wheels and pneumatic truck tires. It is used for mixed (combined) truck-rail, truck-ship, or truck-ship-rail transport.

Container trailers are usually made like truck semitrailers, with a closed or open body (universal or specialized), a volume of at least 15 cu m, and a carrying capacity of 6 to 30 tons. Container trailers can be towed on highways; and they are also loaded and unloaded from railroad flatcars and special ships by truck tractors. The trailers have fixed or removable wheel assemblies with one, two, or three axles. Trailers with fixed wheels are secured on railroad flatcars by special devices; those with removable wheel assemblies usually are not fastened. One variant type of container trailer has an articulated body. Some types of transport vehicles can be adapted for highway and rail travel (with interchangeable railroad and truck wheels or with wheels having special steel bands with flanges for rail operation). Such vehicles are often called roadrailers.

The large-scale development of high-capacity container trans-port has demonstrated that container trailers are less economical and have poorer long-term prospects than containers.


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The object of the vz is the purchase of 3 pieces of new 6x24 s3 container fire trucks in adr version designed for use in a tactical unit with fire containers of various designs and their transhipment to a container trailer.
Two tractors are equipped with semi-wall trailers; one with a flat-bed trailer; and one with container trailer.
Using one and the same container trailer you can transport 1 x 20 ft, 2 x 20 ft, 1 x 30 ft, 1 x 40 ft, 1 x 45 ft, 1 x 13.
Meanwhile, the workers set several vehicles parked outside the premises on fire -- including a motorbike, a container trailer and a car.
Separately, a teashop was torched in the Shadman locality, while a container trailer in Liaquatabad; three other shops and more than 12 pushcarts were also burnt in separate localities.
In Liaqat Abad area Container Trailer, 1 hotel including 3 shops in Buffer Zone area and dozens of vendors and stalls have been set on fire near Meteorological Department.
Limited Tenders are invited for Hiring Of Flat Top Trailer 20Ft And 40Ft For Dispath Of Empty Container Trailer
D-TEC is showcasing its grapple and container trailer line.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Scrap materials : spare parts, old container trailer, According to different types of battery sizes used in vehicles, The old condum tires (according to the enclosed perforations), Old condum D.
Building contracts Part III is supply: 1 pc container trailer specification according to annex no.

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