Continental Divide National Scenic Trail

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Continental Divide National Scenic Trail

(Continental Divide Trail Alliance)
Address:PO Box 628
Pine, CO 80470

Phone:303-838-3760 - Phone
Fax:303-838-3960 - Fax

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Continental Divide National Scenic Trail

(Continental Divide Trail Society)
Address:3704 N Charles St, Suite 601
Baltimore, MD 21218

Phone:410-235-9610 - Phone

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Continental Divide National Scenic Trail

(Trail Administrator - USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Region)
Address:740 Simms St
Golden, CO 80401

Phone:303-275-5054 - Phone
Fax:303-275-5366 - Fax
Established: November 10, 1978. Description:In close proximity to the Continental Divide, the trail starts 14 miles north of the US-Canadian border in Waterton, Alberta, and extends southward into Glacier National Park, Montana (see separate entry in National Parks section), through Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico to the Mexican border. Current plans call for completing the trail in 2008. It is open to hikers, pack and saddle animals, and in some places, off-road motorized vehicles. Trail provides spectacular backcountry travel and is the most rugged of the national scenic trails.
Legth: 3,100 miles.

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He's also eying a trip up the Continental Divide Trail in 2012, to claim the third jewel in his Triple Crown.
Paul said: "Back in 2000 when we left university we made a pact to walk the Continental Divide Trail in 2008.
Jack Stark, a retired superintendent of Grand Teton, said he never supported the construction of the Continental Divide Trail through his park, but Sen.
Continental Divide Trail Alliance, Bruce and Paula Ward (303/838-3760), www.
And I have serious aspirations to hike either the Pacific Coast Trail or the Continental Divide Trail in 2010," he said.
Finally, if you haven't already worn your boots into flaps of leather, there's the Continental Divide Trail, which hasn't even been fully mapped.
Together, the books give easy-to-follow directions for through-hikers, as well as shorter jaunts along the Continental Divide Trail.
For each shirt sold, REI will donate $10 to select organizations (The Yosemite Association, EarthCorps, Continental Divide Trail Alliance, Appalachian Trail Conference and Friends of the Boundary Waters) that provide stewardship to the five popular recreational destinations featured on the shirts.
Access to over 500 miles of groomed trails on the spur of the famous Continental Divide Trail
An Army veteran who began hiking to recover from a car accident, she's hiked the Appalachian Trail five times and has traversed the Continental Divide Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.
The study also attempts to quantify the economic impact created by visitors to 10 recreation areas around the country that currently face "threats" - ranging from Idaho's Salmon River and Oregon's Steens Mountain in the Pacific Northwest to the Continental Divide Trail in Colorado and the Greater Everglades Ecosystem in southern Florida.

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