Continuous Production

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continuous production

[kən¦tin·yə·wəs prə′dək·shən]
(industrial engineering)
Manufacture of products, such as chemicals or paper, involving a sequence of processes performed by a series of machines receiving the materials through a closed channel of flow.

Continuous Production


a set of continuous technological processes organized into a production line, a section, a shop, or an entire enterprise. Continuous production is characteristic of industrial sectors turning out a uniform basic product, such as metallurgical products; of sectors engaging in mass production of products assembled from components into a single unit, such as motor vehicles, tractors, and clothing; and of sectors in which continuity of production is dictated by the nature of the technology, such as electrical power generation and the production of chemicals and food.

Continuous production ordinarily reduces the required production time, promotes increased labor productivity, and ensures fuller use of fixed assets and acceleration of the rate of turnover of stocks. It is most effective with flow production. With the acceleration of scientific and technological progress, the sphere of continuous production has expanded significantly through mechanization and automation not only in primary but also in auxiliary production.

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As part of that commitment, we will maintain continuous production capabilities for all products throughout the move.
The family of DOR LOK adhesives provides clean machining and pot stability, delivering economical mileage and continuous production.
The Mill Duty Sheeter line includes a count controlled directional gate that diverts flow at full line speed to one of two stacking stations to permit continuous production.
This article will discuss the line technology development for the continuous production of rubber profiles from a practice-orientated point of view.
Atlanta, will exhibit a new series of double-belt presses designed for the continuous production of thermoset decorative laminates.
based manufacturer of components and equipment for military, industrial and consumer users, announces the completion of negotiations with Kearfott Guidance and Navigation Corporation for continuous production of instrumentation type slip ring assemblies used in the trident system.
The Solel parabolic trough thermal technology has proven itself over the last twenty years with the continuous production of utility scale power in California's Mojave Desert.
Specialists from the FMI Group will be at Snackex providing information on their latest developments for snack food processing and flavouring, plus the continuous production of savoury, sugar or caramel coated popcorn.
Mobil's continuous production of LLDPE using metallocene catalysts in a fluidized-bed, gas-phase reactor is believed to be the first in the U.
Early reaction from customers is very favorable, because they see the direct benefits of using our Performance Blends in the continuous production equipment," said DeRosa.
The Jesup nursery, which celebrated its 50th anniversary on Tuesday, October 17, is one of the South's oldest bareroot nurseries that has remained in continuous production.
The machine features a range of slicing options and a conveyor attachment designed to take the meat away from the slicer, to enable continuous production.

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