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an English folk dance that developed in the 17th and 18th centuries. It later became popular in other European countries as a ball dance and was replaced in the 19th century by the quadrille.

The contredanse originally had one figure and then five or six; it is written in 2/4 or 6/8 time. John Playford was the first to write arrangements of the contredanse in the dance collection English Dancing Master (1651). As a musical form, the contredanse was used by such composers as Mozart, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky.

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Sassafras Stomp, from Maine by way of Montana, features fiddler Johanna Davis and guitarist Adam Nordell playing folk music with a dynamic contra dance sound.
Other social dance forms, such as square and contra dances, and international folk dancing, are contrasted with ECD.
To be sure, the majority of the clubs are dedicated to Contra Dance, but several thousand English dancers gather for weekly or bi-weekly evenings of stately dance with groups as disparate as the Fairbanks, Alaska, English Country Dancers and English County Dance Atlanta.
Learn Welsh Dances with Moch Pryderri; Contra Dance with Anacrusis; Waltz to Old Timey tunes or do-si-do your darling during the square dance called by Pete LaBerge.
In it, the black man adds some parts of the contra dance, or white man's square dance, to his own personal choreographic moves.
Join the "Picks and Sticks" band for lively music and a contra dance.
The Eugene Folklore Society presents what it calls the "hottest contra dance band in the land" Thursday at the Cesar Chavez Elementary School gymnasium, 1510 W.
It's a bit like square dancing in its swings and promenades, but instead of four couples making up a dancing square, contra dance is done in two long lines, with each couple eventually dancing with every other couple.
Eugene-based old-time band the Conjugal Visitors will take the stage with Portland contra dance caller Rich Goss.
Eugene Folklore Society - Contra dance with caller Woody Lane and music by the Atlantic Crossing, 8 p.

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