Contract administration

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Contract administration

Architectural services that are commonly provided during construction of a project; these typically include construction observation, review of shop drawings and materials samples, processing change orders, and approving certificates of payment to the contractor.

contract administration

The duties and responsibilities of the architect during the construction phase.
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To be effective, contract administration must be prioritised from the outset of the project.
To learn more about PlanIT Search and the company's new turnkey contract administration services, please visit www.
The Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) identified a number of contract administration concerns in A Guide to Best Practices for Contract Administration by stating, "The technical administration of government contracts is an essential activity.
Contract administration is concerned with overcoming these problems.
Many issues and problems surface during the contract administration phase.
Prior to her appointment, she served as GLAZA's chief administrative officer, overseeing finances, contract administration, human resources and trustee activities.
Attn: Title: Contract Administration (Contract Administration)
Relocates procedures to PGI in the areas of: providing contract administration services to foreign governments and international organizations; coordination between corporate and individual administrative contracting officers; processing of contractor novation and change-of-name agreements; processing of voluntary refunds from contractors; and providing technical representatives at contractor facilities.
As indicated above in the Encore Management case, when the government, during contract administration, directs or supervises contractor employees over a sustained period of time, a personal service contract may be formed.

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