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j]]] is contractive by the definition of P-orthogonality.
e [right arrow] 0, then one may identify the target x as the fixed point of a contractive operator T on X.
Contractive business executives understand the world's interdependent nature.
Step 1: An evolutive strategy is used for identifying selfsimilar contractive transformations of a given image (the problem at this stage is obtaining the selfsimilar structures within the image); the algorithm works with a population of affine transformations.
Outcomes of role stress: a multisample contractive replication.
Under normal circumstances the high real rates of interest would have a markedly contractive influence, mainly by subduing business investment.
Making, let us say a comparative and contractive study between Turkey and Japan, would have been more readily comprehensible than the nebulous undertaking of this work, which could be addressed only in a superficial manner at best.
DKT Indonesia provides one-quarter of the country's contractive products, including the sale of more than 132 million condoms, 21 million oral contraceptives, 11 million injectable contraceptives and 170,000 IUDs in 2011.
Under normal stress of 38 kPa and at the percent sand of 0 and 10 the dilatancy behavior of samples changed to a contractive behavior with further horizontal displacement.
Veeramani, Fixed points for mappings satisfying cyclical contractive conditions, Fixed Point Theory, 4(2003), No.
This observation allows me to separately analyze and compare the booming phases (ie the formation of the crises) on the one hand, and the second contractive phases (ie the processes that lead to the systemic financial crisis) on the other.
Kim, Convergence theorems and stability problems of the modified Ishikawa iterative sequences for strictly successively hemi- contractive mappings, Bull.