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Once at the surface, much of the plasma's energy radiates into space; the cooler, denser plasma then sinks, driving further convection and creating circulating loops called convection cells.
In the near-surface region, small-scale convection cells - about the size of California - generate sound waves that travel to the interior of the Sun and are refracted back to the surface.
With the help of Millersville senior Matthew Stepp, Sikora and Young are reviewing about 30,000 SAR images of the Alaska region to identify the presence of other meteorological phenomena such as convection cells.
Oceanic islands tend to occur at the young ends of hotspot trails because they record the passage of oceanic plates over rising convection cells (plumes) in the mantle, of the propagation of cracks in the lithosphere.
The rigid outer layer of our planet, called the lithosphere, is the cold, top boundary of convection cells in the mantle.
Using a suitable catalyzing agent such as temperature differential, fluid in a pan evolves into a more complex structure, convection cells, which are considered an emergent property.
SOHO has discovered the sun's heat convection cells, some analogous to the bubbles in a boiling pot, are flatter and more pancake-like than expected, making the sun's convection layer more complicated than thought.
The cycle repeats itself over and over, forming rotating cells, called convection cells, which appear at the top of Figure 1.
Yamana is also using an analytical technique called "enzyme leach" on soil samples to detect anomalies caused by ion convection cells within the pediment which could be generated by underlying oxidizing porphyry coppers.
He speculated that the measurements may be affected by giant convection cells on the star's surface that are like convection granules on the sun, but so large that they bulge out of the surface.
The surface plates would then, in theory, match the size of these convection cells.
Recent observations that seem to show the existence of convection cells within such a layer were reported at last week's meeting in Tucson, Ariz.