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21st Century Swimming Lessons/ Miracle Swimming is Wilson's sponsor for the Cook Strait swim.
The study was conducted in Tory Channel and adjacent Cook Strait, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand (Fig.
In March, Jane McCormick - daughter of Fenwick's top cartoonist Malky McCormick - is swimming The Cook Strait between New Zealand's North and South Island in aid of Headway Ayrshire and Epilepsy Scotland.
Richard Martin turns the spotlight of modern industrial organization theory onto one of the key institutions that links the North and South: the Cook Strait ferries.
Here we examine evidence for the effects of catastrophic seismic-related events on prehistoric human occupation of the New Zealand coastline, using the Cook Strait region as a case-study (FIGURE 1).
2 km) swim across New Zealand's Cook Strait (which she was the first woman to achieve) at 17; a swim across the Strait of Magellan in 44 [degrees] F (6.
Houses around the city cling to precipitous slopes' the wind is usually serious, and Cook Strait is dangerous.
After a ferry ride across Cook Strait to Blenheim on South Island, you ride through pine forests to Nelson, Lake Rotoiti, Buller George, and Westport, where the level route follows the Tasman seacoast for six days.
Perched on the edge of Cook Strait, a renowned sailing spot, these vineyards have Sustainable Agriculture New Zealand accreditation.
A Bass Strait B Investigate Strait C Cook Strait D Foveaux Strait QUESTION 15 - for 15 points: In which children's TV series did the wooden woodpecker called Professor Yaffle appear?
This involved swimming the English Channel, North Channel (Northern Ireland to Scotland), Strait of Gibraltar, Catalina Channel (California), Cook Strait (New Zealand), Molokai Channel (Hawaii) and the Tsugaru Channel, Japan.