Calico Pitchin'

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Calico Pitchin', Cookin', and Spittin' Hullabaloo

March-April; Palm Sunday weekend
This event is a celebration highlighting a tobacco-spitting contest and recalling the 19th-century heyday of Calico, a silver-mining ghost town in southern California about 10 miles north of Barstow. The contest for World Tobacco Spitting Champion began in 1977 and has led to two mentions in the Guinness Book of World Records for distance in juice-spitting: Randy Ober of Arkansas spat a record 44' 6" in 1980 and then topped that record the next year with 47' 10". Other contest categories are accuracy in juice-spitting and distance in wad-spitting (wads are required to be at least half an inch in diameter). Contestants have come not only from the United States but also from Great Britain, Germany, and Japan.
The hullabaloo also features a stew cook-off and flapjack racing, plus more standard fare such as a horseshoe-pitching contest, egg-tossing, greased-pole climbing, and bluegrass music.
The date of the event recalls the time of year in 1881 when the miners arrived and named the town Calico because they thought the reds, greens, and yellows of the rock formations looked like a calico skirt. It was the location of one of the largest silver strikes in California, producing about $86 million in silver during the 20 years it flourished. When silver prices sank, so did Calico. In San Bernardino County, Calico is visited by tourists year-round.
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References in classic literature ?
Good, plain, common cookin', Jinny'll do;--make a good pone o' bread,--bile her taters far,--her corn cakes isn't extra, not extra now, Jinny's corn cakes isn't, but then they's far,--but, Lor, come to de higher branches, and what can she do?
And de Gineral, he knows what cookin' is," said Aunt Chloe, drawing herself up with an air.
She came in and opened your windows without so much as a by your leave or with your leave, `and me with my bronchitis, enough to give me my death of cold;' she poked her nose into corners, and if she didn't say the place was dirty you saw what she thought right enough, `an' it's all very well for them as 'as servants, but I'd like to see what she'd make of 'er room if she 'ad four children, and 'ad to do the cookin', and mend their clothes, and wash them.
I'll put all yer stuff ashore with ye as well as cookin' utensils an' some old sails for tents, an' enough grub to last ye until ye can find fruit and game.
Three dollars a week, an' four dollars a week, an' a young boy cookin' for himself on an oil-burner an' layin' up money, workin' all day an' studyin' all night, just workin' an' never playin', never havin' a good time, an' never learnin' how to have a good time - of course his thirty thousand came along too late.
If I do the cookin' for you, you all'll get on that much faster.
Keep that holiday glow for a few more weeks with a TV trip around Gino's home country, with a leetel beet of cookin' alon' da way (his accent's catching).
Since then, the self-described "chicken cookin' king" has garnered national praise for his fried chicken.
The well trained staff serve customers from a delicious menu of 'good ole home cookin' at great prices.
New "What's Cookin' Down Home Healthy (TM) Sweepstakes" Offers Personal Cooking Lesson with Talbot --
The 'What's Cookin' at First Security' cookbook featured more than 1,900 recipes contributed by employees and customers," the Foodbank said.
Our Coventry rock almanac reaches the half-year mark with a selection of June from the massive 50-year database lovingly compiled by Pete Clem And, as ever, it's a remarkably eclectic list, ranging from Davi Bowie to Billy Bragg, Limmie and the Family Cookin' to The Human League, Lulu And The Luvvers to local heroes Pint Shot Riot.