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I am excited to be working with cookware and bakeware categories for a couple of reasons: The industry has great suppliers.
Overall, sales of both cookware and bakeware declined in the 12 months ending October 2011, down two percent and 19 percent respectively.
This month, we've culled information from two retail channels on the subject of cookware and bakeware and condensed it to easily digestible charts and graphs.
Following is a look at a few of the subcategories within both cookware and bakeware, with a focus on material and consumer preferences:
manufacturer of Impinger(R) conveyor ovens; Merco Savory toasting, warming and holding equipment; Prolon(R) melamine dinnerware, trays and storage containers; Redco(R) manual food prep machines; Traditionalware(R) aluminum serving trays; and the extensive Wear-Ever(R) line of professional cookware and bakeware, food handling products, utensils and cutlery.
COOKING AND BAKING ARE ON CONSUMERS' MINDS, AS BOTH cookware and bakeware saw increases at retail for 2007.
Recommendations include directing couples to register for specific pieces--rather than a brand name--to build a lasting, useful set of cookware and bakeware.
They are also more savvy about cookware and bakeware overall, and are more willing to pay for quality, and they expect their equipment to fulfill their needs in the kitchen.
Innovations in cookware and bakeware seen at the recent International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago aim to make preparing food and drink less of a chore.
CHICAGO -- This year's cookware and bakeware introductions reflect consumers' continuing desire to do more cooking at home with the right equipment.
Lifetime Brands said it has successfully bid to acquire the WearEver cookware and bakeware business assets from Global Home Products.
Along with the new cookware and bakeware products, Vollrath will introduce a line of serving tools, including insulated serving bowls, which will retail for $20 to $110.