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Setting aside a highly radioactive material until the radioactivity has diminished to a desired level.



a decrease in body temperature in warm-blooded animals and humans as a result of heat emission that exceeds the formation of heat in the organism. Such a decrease may also result from derangement of the thermoregulatory mechanisms. Cooling is also called hypothermia.

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To increase the amount of heat transfer a Cooling, a process of Evaporative Cooling, a process where some condenser liquid is changed to a vapor.
Showing thermal insulation blankets and Insul-Watt modular barrel-heaters of vacuum-cast ceramic-fiber with infrared radiant heaters and forced-draft air cooling between the barrel and ceramic shell.
For gray iron castings, according to the foundry, a high cooling rate results in:
Cooling was tried as a heart attack treatment in the 1950s.
Subsequently, the profiles are run through a three or four tank cleaning and cooling cascade and exit the system absolutely salt free, dry and at the required temperature.
Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) guidebook, Cooling Our Communities, this program encourages cities and towns to conserve energy and cool the urban "heat island" with trees and light-colored surfaces.
com has added a new market research report: District Cooling Market by Application (Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Others) - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2019 https://www.
Cooling towers on buildings harbor amoebas infected with both known and unknown types of bacteria.
When it comes to cooling extruders and injection and blow molding machines, the vast majority of plastics processors in the U.
The cooling ability of the rotors is another vital aspect of rotor design.
However, for commercial applications radiant systems for both heating and cooling have been used.
In some cases, they may even push the cooling infrastructures of older design facilities beyond their limits.