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Setting aside a highly radioactive material until the radioactivity has diminished to a desired level.



a decrease in body temperature in warm-blooded animals and humans as a result of heat emission that exceeds the formation of heat in the organism. Such a decrease may also result from derangement of the thermoregulatory mechanisms. Cooling is also called hypothermia.

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Uniform cooling will eliminate localized areas that could be subjected to thermal shock or liquid metal erosion.
The researchers found that substituting an oxygen atom for a carbon in one of the natural structure's rings increased the compound's cooling power.
Absorption units also require more cooling tower capacity, typically one-third more water flow.
TDH TrueTemp hot-oil unit designed for high-temperature heating and cooling applications from 100-550 F.
An influx of unsaturated air capable of absorbing moisture is required for a sand cooling system to effectively cool sand using evaporation.
Not only are consistent coating, cooling and dryness of stock important issues to address, but other issues, such as stack appearance, are now also of paramount importance.
After testing four horses, the researchers attribute up to 2 [degrees] C of cooling to the pouch.
Cooling Towers produce the desired results if air water produce the required heat transfer.
Suppliers of rapid toolmaking techniques have developed two routes to improved mold cooling: building conductive metals into the tool from the start and/or incorporating cooling channels that conform to the part surface, no matter how irregular its shape.
Cooling towers--structures that cool water streams for air conditioning, power generation, or other purposes--are a source of Legionella-infected amoebas.