Cooperative Commonwealth Federation

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Cooperative Commonwealth Federation:

see New Democratic partyNew Democratic party
(NDP), Canadian political party, founded in 1961 when the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) reorganized itself and entered into close ties with Canadian labor unions, especially the Canadian Labor Congress (CLC).
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For example, although Carbert recognizes that the origins of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) were related to "religion," and her evidence of farm women's views on abortion lead to a questioning of the assumed relationship between church attendance and "social conservatism," church attendance, or religion, as an indicator of such conservatism is not problematized.
The Depression era may have ensconced the series of authoritarian Social Credit governments that would rule Alberta for 36 years, but it also spawned a progressive alternative when the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation held its initial gathering in Calgary.
These documents provoked a decade-long struggle for accommodation between the Canadian Catholic Church and the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF).

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