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The sexual union of two individuals, resulting in insemination or deposition of the male gametes in proximity to the female gametes.



(1) The union of two individuals in sexual intercourse.

(2) The process of the syngamy of two sex cells (gametes). Copulation is usually understood to mean the syngamy of sex cells that are externally almost or completely indistinguishable. If the male gamete differs sharply from the female, the process of their syngamy is called fertilization.

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Number of complete copulations is followed by number of partial copulations; each intromission was counted as a copulation.
Pairs in copula typically aborted copulation shortly after collection but often resumed at sporadic intervals over the 3-d study period (30/65 pairs).
We observed overall maximum copulation rate in iron mesh cage where the temperature was almost the same of that in the mating room.
Male mate choice, sexual conflict and strategic allocation of copulations in a lekking bird.
Where dung is abundant, pheromone emission by African species once again highlights the priority in these species of copulation over offering food, in contrast to what occurs in S.
It well could be that the low number of eggs was the result of encounters that did not end up in copulation, which would have than reduced the total mean number of eggs.
Of the 39 copulation events observed during the course of the investigation, 37 of the pairs were in the vertical mating position for the duration of the copulation (described earlier).
Something similar tempts theologians drawn to theopoetics: by ignoring the copulation signaled by the term theopoetics--the coupling of Greek roots for god and to make--some reduce theology to poetical practices.
However, polyandrous females laid 10% more eggs and so achieved higher fecundity than females allowed only a single copulation (Fig.
As measured by the number of copulation onsets and breaks, first males had fewer copulations (mean 2.
In fact, the positions assumed during copulation are so characteristic and unique that they may be used, perhaps for the first time, to delimit an entire subfamily of insects.
Copulation consisted of a single insertion of the aedagus that lasted 3.