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The local community was bound together by the parish and its church, the poor-law system and the two local manors and their administration of the free- and copyhold of Earls Colne.
when he was mentioned in the manorial court rolls, serving on the inquisicio magna of the view of frankpledge, as constable, and standing regularly as a pledge for transactions in copyhold land.
My reply was: 'I would give every tenant of ours the freehold or copyhold of his or her house free of charge if they would sign an undertaking to (a) vest that ownership into a self-governing co-operative and (b), if they wanted to sell it, they could only sell it back to the co-operative.
A map dated 1654 shows Elswick Park, surrounded by 10 privately owned copyhold farms, owned by; Anderson, Bell, Wallis, Bartram, Riddell, Errington, Newton, Swinburn, Hodgson and my ancestor Henry Turnbull.
In 1858 Leonard Shelford explains in his Laws of Copyhold that the practice of holding title by custom still applies to copyhold tenants, who can defend their title by proving the practice's "existence at a distant time .