Corcoran, Thomas

Corcoran, Thomas (Gardiner)

(1900–81) lawyer, government official; born in Pawtucket, R.I. A protégé of Felix Frankfurter, he was a New York corporate lawyer (1927–32) before joining the Reconstruction Finance Committee in 1932. As President Roosevelt's legislative aide (1933–41), he codrafted New Deal legislation including the Securities Act (1933) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (1938). He returned to private practice afterward.
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Left to right: Tyas Campbell, Ben Corcoran, Thomas Atherton, Luke Donovan, Dominic Wright, Jaques Welsh, LiamBurke, Lewis Metcalf, Owen Lynott, Daniel O'Doherty, Michael Wilkinson and Lewis.
The nine member Board of Kingsway Financial is now comprised of David Atkins, John Beamish, James Corcoran, Thomas Di Giacomo, Bernard Gluckstein, Brian Reeve and Michael Walsh, who are "outside" and "unrelated" directors under the TSE definition for corporate governance purposes, together with Bill Star and James Zuhlke who are officers of the Company.