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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

In Witchcraft, three cords are used. They are each nine feet in length and usually red in color, although in some traditions, one cord is red and the others are different colors. Similarly, some traditions have only three coven cords, which are kept on the altar, while other traditions allow each and every coven member to have his or her own personal cord or cords. In the latter case, the cord(s) may be worn about the waist as a cingullum.

The cord has many uses, including marking the circle by sticking a knife into the ground and looping the cord around it at its halfway point. Holding the White Handled Knife at the extremities of the doubled cord, it can then be moved around, marking the ground, while keeping the cord taut. This would result in a perfect nine foot diameter circle.

The cord is also used for knot magic, or tying knots into it as part of a ritual where power has been raised. Power would be charged into each knot put into the cord. In this fashion, the power could be released at a later date by untying the knots.

The cord is also used to bind Initiates in Wiccan Initiations. Symbolically the binding represents the restriction of the womb before birth.

References in classic literature ?
The farther he advanced in the labyrinth the more curious he became, till he was stopped by two corpses lying in the midst of a cypress alley, each with a scarlet cord round his neck and a bracelet on his arm on which were engraved their own names, and those of two Princesses.
His life was spent far from the court and away from the sounds of civil warfare, in the endeavour to set himself in harmony with the universe -- to become, in fact, like an Aeolian harp through which all the cords of nature might sweep at will.
The top is likewise covered with fish skins, secured by cords passing through holes in the edge of the basket.
Some light and graceful hanging shelves, with golden edges and crimson silk cords with gold tassels, sustain two or three hundred magnificently bound books.
Above him was the throat of the balloon bunched and tied together, but with an open lumen through which,Bert could peer up into a vast, empty, quiet interior, and out of which descended two fine cords of unknown import, one white, one crimson, to pockets below the ring.
Next, Lamai tied him securely with a sennit cord about the neck and untied the cords that bit into his legs.
Shortly afterwards, at the harvest festival, the owner released the Ox from his yoke, but bound the Heifer with cords and led him away to the altar to be slain in honor of the occasion.
From the thong which held them stretched another to the dead hand of the little old woman; as I touched the cord the skeletons swung to the motion with a noise as of the rustling of dry leaves.
Paulvitch carried another piece of cord in his hand.
The next day, when Felton entered Milady's apartment he found her standing, mounted upon a chair, holding in her hands a cord made by means of torn cambric handkerchiefs, twisted into a kind of rope one with another, and tied at the ends.
This was not, however, a rope ladder, but a ball of silk cord, with a narrow board which was to pass between the legs, the ball to unwind itself by the weight of the person who sat astride upon the board.
Close to him was the great coil of cord on its reel.