Core 2

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Core 2

A family of 64-bit CPUs from Intel that was introduced in mid-2006. Code-named Penryn, the Core 2 CPUs were the first chips to use Intel's Core microarchitecture. Note that Core 2 Duo and Core Duo chips without the "2" are not the same (see Intel Core).

Solo, Duo, Extreme and Quad
Core 2 Solo chips were single processor CPUs intended for the value market, while Core 2 Duo chips were dual-core models for mainstream desktop and notebook computers. For servers and workstations, Core 2 Extremes were also dual core with higher clock and bus speeds.

In late 2006, Intel introduced Core 2 Quad chips, which were two dual-core Core 2 chips in a single package with separate 4MB caches.

Core 2 Advancements
Wide Dynamic Execution executes four instructions in one clock cycle, and compare and branch instructions were combined into one (see microcode). Intelligent Power Capability powers down unused elements on the chip, and Advanced Smart Cache shares the L2 cache among processors, allowing the core that needs more cache memory to have it. Smart Memory Access determines which data in memory can be cached and executes instructions down the pipeline ahead of time. Advanced Digital Media Boost compresses/decompresses 128 bits in one clock cycle instead of two.
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The OMEN Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad Core is fully upgradeable, including a modular swappable power supply.
For gamers obsessed with the ultimate immersive entertainment experience, the Core 2 Extreme QX6700 enables enhanced physics, AI, rendering and overall gameplay.
Intel is thrilled to introduce the world's first quad-core processor into an industry burdened by the type of ever-increasing performance needs that the Core 2 Extreme QX6700 is tailored to meet," says Greg Pearson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group and President, Intel Americas, Inc.
Combined with cutting-edge Intel Core 2 Extreme and Intel Core 2 Duo processors, Alienware's new desktop systems continue to enhance our reputation as the undisputed performance and innovation leader in the high-performance PC space.
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