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Brushless Motors - A Comparative Summary II-25 Limited-Angle Torque Motors II-25 Linear DC Motors II-26 PM DC Motors II-26 Coreless DC Motors II-26 AC Motors II-26 AC Motor Types II-26 Single-phase AC Induction Motors (ACIM) II-26 Three-phase (Polyphase) AC Induction Motors II-27 Single-phase AC Synchronous Motors II-27 Three-phase AC Synchronous Motors II-27 Stepper Motors II-27 Reluctance Motors II-27 Definite and Special-Purpose Motors II-28 Motor Starters II-28 Universal Motors II-28 Gear Motors II-28 AC Gear Motors II-28 DC Gear Motors II-28 Servo Motors II-29 AC Servo Motors II-29 DC Servo Motors II-29 Energy Savings of Efficient Electric Motors II-29 Table 7: Comparative Table of Efficient Vs.