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Venezuela: see Santa Ana de CoroSanta Ana de Coro
or Coro
, city (1990 pop. 124,506), capital of Falcón state, NW Venezuela, 7 mi (11.3 km) from the Caribbean Sea, and at the base of the Paraguaná peninsula.
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a city in northwestern Venezuela, near the Caribbean Sea, the administrative center of the state of Falcón. Population, 54,800 (1969). Industry includes food processing, oil refining, and petrochemical production. Coro is also the commercial center of an agricultural region that has grain, coffee, sugarcane, and dairy cattle. It was founded in 1527.


An elaborate choir, at times almost an independent building, commonly placed to the west of the transept in a Spanish cathedral.
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I can make lightweight at the moment," Cori conceded, "but I am growing.
He said the CoRI funds were a flexible way to prepare for retirement.
The CoRI Index series is designed primarily for individuals from 55 to 64 years old.
But a tool like CoRI gives investors more certainty in their retirement planning process, he added.
Employers may also want to consider reviewing their policies and practices with respect to CORI information and determine what steps may be needed to comply with the remaining provisions of the reformed CORI legislation.
Neto y Cori montan un negocio de videos de cumbias que saca a Cori de la monotonia de la estetica y a Neto de tener que filmar bodas y bautizos aburridos.
It was in the interests of collegiality, too, that the Ashmolean lent some of the Cori fragments to the Palazzo Grassi exhibition 'Il Mondo degli Etruschi' in 2000.
West Lancashire gave Cori pounds 500 towards her expenses.
Si bien no deja de ser sumamente atractiva e interesante la percepcion (analitica) a traves de los oidos, ojos y pensamiento de un colega europeo, como es el caso de Cori, su presencia provoca, al mismo tiempo, un cierto resquemor que incita al cuestionamiento de por que las autoridades que lo invitaron, no han invitado--tambien--a algun o algunos compositores mexicanos a discernir respecto del mismo tema, no obstante, como ya sabemos, comunmente las disertaciones de un compositor coterraneo acerca de la musica mexicana suelen limitarse a la de su predileccion, sus intereses, o sus gurus, companeros y amistades, perdiendo toda la objetividad que presupone una autentica, seria y amplia ilustracion de tal tipo.
Proud mum Kerrie Swain, aged 20, said: "I never expected Cori to win but now her dad Lee, my mum Beverley and just everyone else is really thrilled for her.
In addition, MECF has lobbied for legislation that mandates facilities to conduct CORI checks on all prospective employees, with the Medicaid program assuming its portion of the cost for those investigations.
It is a warm Sunday in May, and residents of the ancient village of Cori, Italy, just south of Rome, have bedecked their town with flowers and brilliant banners; Now dressed in sixteenth-century garb, the townsfolk murmur excitedly as they await the sound of the trumpets that will announce the beginning of the procession, Then, with drums rolling and colorfully costumed flag-throwers performing, an ancient tradition, La Festa della Madonna del Soccorso (the Feast of Our Lady of Help), will be renewed.