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(Phalacrocoracidae), afamily of birds of the order Pelecaniformes.

Cormorants are excellent divers and underwater swimmers. The plumage of most cormorants is black. The length of the body ranges from 55 cm (pygmy cormorant) to 92 cm (European cormorant). The family includes two genera: Nannopterum (one flightless species), found on the Galapagos Islands, and true cormorants, or Phalacrocorax, found in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. In the USSR there are six species: European, green, pelagic, red-faced, Temminck’s, and pygmy cormorants. Until the middle of the 19th century, Pallas’ cormorant, a flightless bird, lived on Bering Island. Cormorants nest in colonies on rocks or in trees. They feed on fish; this sometimes harms the fishing industry.


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The Moran Joint Bird Group, a partnership of fisheries, angling and conservation organisations, admits that 'removing cormorants is a never-ending task, as culling simply creates space for other birds from surrounding areas to move into'.
In addition to encountering delays in getting these aircraft officially certified, the Cormorants proved more costly to maintain than expected, there was a shortage of spare parts, and back in 2003 the fleet was grounded as a result of fuel leaks.
Meanwhile, the fight against cormorants has taken on extra impetus with scientists adding a new chapter to the fisheries problem.
Some 50,000 cormorants are now wintering in the UK and are doing untold damage by predating our native small, silver fish stocks.
The count found 74 mute swans - the highest number on the bay in 34 years - and on the reserve itself there were 15 cormorants, three great crested grebes, a rare little egret, mallard and heron.
Sally Silk, country parks visitor manager, said: "The cormorants have come inland looking for food.
A pounds 1 million Government research report acknowledges that cormorants have devastated selected waters throughout the country but insist the problem is not widespread.
The population of cormorants is at an all-time high, approaching 2 million birds, and is increasing at a rate of 8 percent per year.
However, cormorants are not just a British problem.
Total quantity or scope: The offer will be sent by mail with acknowledgment of receipt in a sealed envelope with the following indication to work residentialisation and land sector Cormorants - Merault Neuville-les-Dieppe - lot - do not open or deposited in a sealed envelope, addressed to the mayor of Dieppe service against receipt, as the opening and closing hours of the following 830 to 1200 pm and 130 p.
Of course, going back in time to when the river produced fantastic quantities of salmon, there were cormorants and goosanders.
The lack of rain has left the water low and clear, and that has enabled the cormorants to pick off silver fish with little difficulty.