Corn Oil

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corn oil

[′kȯrn ‚ȯil]
A semidrying, fatty oil of yellowish color, extracted from germs of corn kernels; used mainly as a salad oil, in soft soaps, and in compounded petroleum lubricants.

Corn Oil


a vegetable oil obtained from the embryo of the corn kernel (Zea mays).

The chemical composition of corn oil is similar to that of sunflower oil. It contains 2.5–4.5 percent stearic, 8–11 percent palmitic, 0.1–1.7 percent myristic, 0.4 percent arachic, 0.2 percent lignoceric, 30–49 percent oleic, 40–56 percent linoleic, and 0.2–1.6 percent hexadecenic acid. Its solidification point is between —10° and — 20°C. Its iodine number is 111–133. Corn oil is used in the bread baking industry and to make salad dressings, mayonnaise, and margarine.

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20, $50 worth of Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy F&B vouchers, one carton of Vitasoy Soya Bean Drink and a dozen bottles of Mazola Corn Oil.
The tests suggested coconut oil produces the lowest levels of aldehydes, and three times more aldehydes were produced when heating corn oil and sunflower oil than butter.
Based on USDA analysis of corn oil and comparison of other cooking oils, corn oil has a plant sterols content of 135.
About 60 percent of dry- mill ethanol plants will produce corn oil by next year, allowing for annual production of about 300,000 gallons of corn oil-based biofuel, it said, citing the Environmental Protection Agency.
More than half of US ethanol producers are estimated to have launched corn oil extraction strategies.
EdeniQ, a California-based clean technology company serving the global biofuels industry, has ended its contract to license Primafuel's corn oil extraction technologies and purchase its associated assets.
GreenShift typically enters into non-binding term sheets with its prospective clients as a prelude to drafting and executing final agreements for the construction of facilities based on GreenShift's proprietary corn oil extraction technologies.
The Reuters article notes that in order to qualify for the new corn oil claim, products must be low in cholesterol and saturated fat, among other criteria.
According to Veridium, the new system is scheduled to be installed at the Wisconsin ethanol production facility by August, where it is expected to extract corn oil at a rate of about 1.
Using diethylstilbestrol (DES) as a positive control, investigators determined that the relative potency of the test compounds was DES 4 ppb < sucrose < soybean oil < corn starch < dextrose < corn oil < DES 6 ppb.
Green Plains is a commodity-processing company with operations that are related to ethanol, distillers grains and corn oil production; grain handling and storage; a cattle feedlot; and commodity marketing and distribution services.