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It also includes four all-new achievements (for a total of 17) and 18 mini-games, including Buttered Popcorn - exclusive to the iPad - offering frantic and fun gameplay where players attack zombies by first "buttering" them up before firing corn-cob cannons at them.
What's lame: cardboard wallets, the punk rock image, skate lawyers, the sensitive artist image, the heavy metal image, copers, beer, mediocre skateboarding online, marijuana, banks, humongous t-shirts, cruiser boards, jackets with no shirt under them, I-don't-care attitudes, talking crap, featured-artist soda bottles, courtroom sketch artists for every session, cute overload, the French dandy image, '80s yuppie image, Daniel Boone style, bonnets, those corn-cob pipes that are filled with Big League Chew, gigantic underwear, frontside flips, aprons with nothing underneath, fasting for no good reason, bonnet sponsors, -the red top rumor.
Like many of you, I'm sure, I spent much of the weekend sitting in a rocking chair on my front porch, smoking a corn-cob pipe.