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Cornell University,

mainly at Ithaca, N.Y.; with land-grant, state, and private support; coeducational; chartered 1865, opened 1868. It was named for Ezra CornellCornell, Ezra,
1807–74, American financier and founder of Cornell Univ., b. Westchester Landing, N.Y. Cornell, who began life as a laborer, was of an ingenious mechanical bent and had a shrewd business mind.
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, who donated $500,000 and a tract of land. With the help of state senator Andrew D. WhiteWhite, Andrew Dickson,
1832–1918, American educator and diplomat, b. Homer, N.Y., briefly attended Geneva (now Hobart) College, grad. Yale, 1853. He studied in France and Germany, served (1854–55) as attaché in St. Petersburg, and toured Europe.
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, who became Cornell's first president, it was made the state land-grant institution. The university has 13 colleges and schools throughout the state. Cornell Univ. Medical College, affiliated with New York Hospital, the Hospital for Special Surgery, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, is in New York City. Cornell also is affiliated with the Brookhaven National Laboratory (Long Island). Of note on Cornell's campus are the U.S. plant, soil, and nutrition laboratory, the school of nutrition, the laboratory of nuclear physics, which includes a reactor and a synchotron, and the Johnson Museum of Art, housed in an I. M. PeiPei, I. M.
(Ieoh Ming Pei) , 1917–, Chinese-American architect, b. Guangzhou, China. Pei emigrated to the United States in 1935 and studied at the Univ. of Pennsylvania, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Harvard, where he taught from 1945 to 1948.
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 building. The schools of agriculture and life sciences, veterinary medicine, human ecology, and industrial and labor relations are divisions of the State Univ. of New York.


See M. G. Bishop, A History of Cornell (1962); K. C. Parsons, The Cornell Campus (1968); R. F. Howes, A Cornell Notebook (1971).

Cornell University


one of the largest multidisciplinary universities in the USA. Located in the city of Ithaca, N.Y. Founded in 1865; began functioning in 1868. Named after its founder, the Quaker Ezra Cornell (1807–74).

The university is financed by private funds and the state government. It includes (1972) colleges of engineering (since 1868), arts and sciences (1868), and architecture, art, and planning (1871); a veterinary college (1894) and a medical college (1898); a college of agriculture and life sciences (1904) and of human ecology; schools of law, business and public administration, industrial and labor relations, and nutrition; research centers for African studies, international studies, research on problems of radiophysics and space research, applied mathematics, and education; a division of biological sciences; a museum of art; and a library with over 4,400,000 holdings. In 1972 there were more than 16,000 students at the university, as well as more than 1,400 instructors. [13–552–2; updated]

Cornell University

(body, education)
A US Ivy League University founded in 1868 by businessman Ezra Cornell and respected scholar Andrew Dickson White. Cornell includes thirteen colleges and schools. On the Ithaca campus are the seven undergraduate units and four graduate and professional units. The Medical College and the Graduate School of Medical Sciences are in New York City. Cornell has 13,300 undergraduates and 6,200 graduate and professional students.

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Weill Cornell Medicine has a distinguished legacy of putting patients first, providing them with the finest care and offering the best possible outcomes to ensure that they live healthier lives," said Dr.
A battered Cornell tortures himself even more than usual by watching his main squeeze being squeezed by another man on the pristine pop heartbreaker "Arms Around Your Love.
This center is a home for our new Cornell program in New York, which makes the City a living laboratory for our students and also gives them direct exposure to many of the world's leading practioners in art, architecture and urban planning.
If the bird is flying instead of perching, Sibley argues, the Cornell group's calculations of bird size no longer work.
According to Cornell, the velvet antler is used as a nutraceutical, a nutritional medicine which gets dried, ground down and capsulated.
By the 1890s the students at Smith and Spelman and the women students at Cornell rejected the confining clothing of tight-laced corsets and trailing skirts of the current fashionable dress for simple shirtwaist blouses and dark skirts, characteristic of the reform dress of that era.
Cornell said the DOE funds will primarily be used to support graduate and postdoctoral research.
And recently, when Cornell administrators wanted to rethink the warehouse logistics (the warehouse is a half-mile from the bookstore), the school spent $56,000 in consultant fees, bringing in UPS to help.
Cornell, like most, rewards large gifts with professorships, trusteeships, prizes or named buildings.
I anticipate the formation of a Cornell or Ithaca network with Taiwan through which our mutual research and manufacturing sectors can work together to develop synergy, cooperation and new commercial opportunities,'' Lee told the luncheon gathering, according to a prepared text the Cornell press office distributed to the media.
Leaning on Annemarie Schimmel's term, Cornell, therefore, speaks of imitatia Muhammadi (an assimilation of the Prophet's traits enjoined already by early Islam) as al-Jazuli's main spiritual approach.
The artist squirreled away this accumulation of ephemera between 1942 and 1953, the years during which Cornell and Duchamp had regular contact in New York after Duchamp had hired Cornell to help assemble his editions of the Boite-en-valise.

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