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brass wind musical instrument, created in France about 1830 by adding valves to the post horn. It is usually in B flat and is the same size as the B flat trumpet, but has a more conical bore. The cornet, a transposing instrumenttransposing instrument,
a musical instrument whose part in a score is written at a different pitch than that actually sounded. Such an instrument is usually referred to by the keynote of its natural scale—the clarinet in A, for example—in which case A is sounded when
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, has a less brilliant tone but greater agility than the trumpet. It has long been a standard instrument in bands. In the orchestra, the cornet is used with the trumpet. It was used extensively in jazzjazz,
the most significant form of musical expression of African-American culture and arguably the most outstanding contribution the United States has made to the art of music. Origins of Jazz

Jazz developed in the latter part of the 19th cent.
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 in the early 20th cent. It should not be confused with the cornett, an instrument of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, which used a cup mouthpiece on a wooden or ivory body supplied with fingerholes similar to those on woodwinds. A bass cornett was used until the early 19th cent.



a junior officer rank in the Russian cavalry.

The rank of cornet was introduced in 1801 throughout the whole cavalry, except in the dragoon and cossack regiments, and corresponded to the rank of ensign (until 1884) and of second lieutenant (from 1884) in the rest of the troops. From 1882 the rank of cornet was introduced in the dragoon regiments and then in the gendarmerie and the frontier troops. It was abolished in 1917.



a wind instrument; consists of a joining of cylindrical and conical brass pipes ending in a bell, a valve mechanism (cylindrical or pump), and an attached mouthpiece. The instrument (without mouthpiece) is 295–320 mm long. The cornet is used in opera and symphony orchestras but is most significant in brass bands.

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Jamie Smith from Dalton, who is the A 4 cornet player, says this makes their ensemble, which also includes Skelmanthorpe tenor horn player Jonathan Bates, unique.
The award-winning A 4 Brass Quartet, based at the Royal Northern College of Music where the musicians are studying, comprises one cornet, two horns and a euphonium.
Joan is the principal cornet player with the Formby Band.
MUSICAL: Tim Oldroyd, left, and son Josh, right, play their cornets SALES: Geneva has sold its products to Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen and Jamie Cullum's bands
An ice cream cornet in those days would cost no more than an old penny with a sandwich two pennies, a half an hour in the boats would cost maybe four old pennies.
The bowler-hatted Lord Cornets play a key role in Lanark's annual Lanimer Festival.
Neon ice turns to vapor at 25 kelvins, readily escaping the nucleus of a cornet.
will be unevenly browned Flip cornets sesame seed side down and roll
Colin Brook joins to add his great experience to the cornets' back row and Stephen Peacock switches from horn back to cornet.
Carefully lift circles from mat and wrap around cornet or cone-shaped forms.