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language belonging to the Brythonic group of the Celtic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. See Celtic languagesCeltic languages,
subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. At one time, during the Hellenistic period, Celtic speech extended all the way from Britain and the Iberian Peninsula in the west across Europe to Asia Minor in the east, where a district still known as
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See P. B. Ellis, The Cornish Language and Its Literature (1974).



(also Cornish hens), a breed of chickens developed for meat production. They were developed in England in the duchy of Cornwall by crossing fighting cocks of an ancient English breed with aseels and malays. According to the color of their plumage, they are distinguished as Dark, White, and White-laced Red Cornish. The most common are those with predominantly white feathers.

Cornishes have a sharply pronounced flesh-and-fat-covered carcass. The cock weighs approximately 4.2 kg, and the hen approximately 3.3 kg. The hen lays 110–130 eggs per year. The eggs are light brown and weigh 57–58 g. Birds of the Cornish breed mature rapidly and transmit their meat-producing characteristics to succeeding generations. They are widely used for crossbreeding with egg-and-meat producers to obtain hybrid chicks that are raised for their meat. Cornish chickens are raised in Great Britain, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and Japan. In the USSR there are some lines of this breed on farms in the Lithuanian SSR and in several oblasts of the RSFSR, including the Moscow and Leningrad oblasts.


a former language of Cornwall, belonging to the S Celtic branch of the Indo-European family and closely related to Breton: extinct by 1800; has experienced a revival since the early 20th century
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THREE chain-smoking, beer-guzzling Cornishmen have talked their way into the world body surfing championships.
Catalonians and Clydesiders get more European money invested in their regional economy per capita than Geordies or Cornishmen, because they have elected regional assemblies.
They issued a challenge: "Come down here and face an army of angry Cornishmen.
From the beginning, Cornishmen from southwestern England were the backbone of the mine workforces.
The experienced Kieran Hallett slotted over an early penalty and although Mose were seeing plenty of the ball, it was the Cornishmen who bagged the opening try when centre Tom Hendrickson charged down a kick and scored in the corner.
The Cornishmen, though, let Moseley straight back into it when they knocked on the restart kick and gave away a penalty at the subsequent scrum, and from a catch-anddrive line-out, loose-head prop Ethan Waller dotted down.
A string of errors from an understandably nervy Pirates side helped Worcester take an 18-6 half-time lead, but the Cornishmen held their tryline in the second half and were more threatening.
The Butts Park outfit take on the Cornishmen knowing victory will not only secure their National One status, it will deprive the visitors of theirs - making the match anything but a dead rubber.
The result was fair reward for a never-say-die Tynedale effort, having battled back from 13-0 down after visiting flanker Owen Hambly grabbed an early brace of tries for the Cornishmen.
But Richard Trevithick and Adrian Stephens, the respective true inventors, were Cornishmen who just happened to be working in Wales at the time.
A SHORT time before midnight on Saturday a quarrel occurred at Hafod, Rhondda, between some Cornishmen and Welshmen.