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language belonging to the Brythonic group of the Celtic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. See Celtic languagesCeltic languages,
subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. At one time, during the Hellenistic period, Celtic speech extended all the way from Britain and the Iberian Peninsula in the west across Europe to Asia Minor in the east, where a district still known as
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See P. B. Ellis, The Cornish Language and Its Literature (1974).



(also Cornish hens), a breed of chickens developed for meat production. They were developed in England in the duchy of Cornwall by crossing fighting cocks of an ancient English breed with aseels and malays. According to the color of their plumage, they are distinguished as Dark, White, and White-laced Red Cornish. The most common are those with predominantly white feathers.

Cornishes have a sharply pronounced flesh-and-fat-covered carcass. The cock weighs approximately 4.2 kg, and the hen approximately 3.3 kg. The hen lays 110–130 eggs per year. The eggs are light brown and weigh 57–58 g. Birds of the Cornish breed mature rapidly and transmit their meat-producing characteristics to succeeding generations. They are widely used for crossbreeding with egg-and-meat producers to obtain hybrid chicks that are raised for their meat. Cornish chickens are raised in Great Britain, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and Japan. In the USSR there are some lines of this breed on farms in the Lithuanian SSR and in several oblasts of the RSFSR, including the Moscow and Leningrad oblasts.


a former language of Cornwall, belonging to the S Celtic branch of the Indo-European family and closely related to Breton: extinct by 1800; has experienced a revival since the early 20th century
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Warbeck was far too late to take advantage of the initial rising, of course, but it is symptomatic of the despair which was gripping late fifteenth-century Cornwall that, despite the recent defeat at Blackheath, thousands of Cornishmen were prepared to flock to his banner.
The Cornish historian John Rowe estimates that there were never more than a hundred thousand first-generation Cornishmen in the United States at any one time, but the influence of these people and of their children (born in this country) in mining areas such as the Upper Peninsula was almost as great as that of the Dutch in the Holland-Grand Rapids area or the Germans in the Saginaw area.
According to records, four Cornishmen died in the disaster while on their way to the mine, Fred Banfield, Charles Fillbrook, Frank Andrew and a boy called Sobey.
A SHORT time before midnight on Saturday a quarrel occurred at Hafod, Rhondda, between some Cornishmen and Welshmen.
Apart from having a score to settle against the Cornishmen, after losing to them by just three points at Blundellsands in late October, they know another victory and bonus point could enable them to draw level with their opponents to fifth in the table.
Up front the Cornishmen had the edge, probably,in the loose but were disjointed behind.
FORM GUIDE Third-from-bottom Moseley and seventhplaced Pirates won their opening two B&I Cup matches but the Cornishmen followed that up with an important Championship victory over Leeds last Sunday.
Maggs wants Mose to get stuck into the fancied Cornishmen, who last season pushed Worcester all the way to the Premiership.
There are Northumbrians and Cornishmen who fondly recall their independent past.
He has a full squad to choose from as Nuneaton emerged physically unscathed from their setback against the Cornishmen, but he has been forced to dress some mental wounds in training.
Yet while the Cornishmen have faltered of late, Russell Earnshaw's Bees have been relentless.
The seven-acre site dates from the 1750s when the mineral lode was first discovered and the unique gunpowder "magazine", built in 1824 by migrant Cornishmen, has recently been restored thanks to funding from Cadw and Ceredigion County Council's "Spirit of the Miners" fund.