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a) 9 courthouses: Misiones, Villarrica (with IDB financing), Coronel Oviedo, Pedro Juan Caballero, CzapEi, ParaguarE[degrees] (first built just to host the 1st Instance Courts), ConcepciEn, San Pedro del Pilar and Ycuamanduyu.
President and CEO Amir Adnani stated, "Given the proximity of the Yuty project to our Coronel Oviedo property, this transaction enables clear operational synergies and allows us to consider implementing the hub-and-spoke production strategy we have successfully deployed in South Texas.
A family man with five children, he was brought up in the farming town of Coronel Oviedo.
The crisis reached a climax June 4 in the city of Coronel Oviedo, 140 km east of Asuncion, when police tried to stop about 5,000 campesinos marching toward Asuncion.
The observers were deployed from offices in Asuncion, Caacupe, Concepcion, Coronel Oviedo, Ciudad del Este, Encarnacion, San Juan Bautista and Villarrica.
With communication centers strategically positioned in the country's key geographic points of Ciudad de Este, Coronel Oviedo, and Encarnacion, ISETEC S.
Agreement to Acquire Cue Resources Ltd in an All-Stock Transaction : Cue's Yuty ISR Project is on trend and south of the Company's Coronel Oviedo Project in Paraguay;
Drilling Continues at Coronel Oviedo Uranium Project in Paraguay :The 10,000-meter drilling program at this large ISR project commenced in late November 2011;
Work continues on the 10,000-meter drill program at the Coronel Oviedo Project in eastern Paraguay.
The project area is on strike with and south of the Company's Coronel Oviedo ISR Project.
The Coronel Oviedo project is geologically very similar to the Company's projects in the South Texas uranium belt and is anticipated to be ISR-amenable as initially indicated by pump-test studies.