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corporate portal

An internal website (intranet) that provides proprietary, enterprise-wide information to company employees as well as access to selected public websites and vertical-market websites (suppliers, vendors, etc.). It includes a search engine for internal documents as well as the ability to customize the portal page for different user groups and individuals. It is the internal equivalent of the general-purpose portal on the Web.

There are several comprehensive enterprise information portal (EIP) software packages, including BEA WebLogic Portal (, ATG Portal (, Sybase Enterprise Portal (, CleverPath Portal ( and Vignette Application Portal ( See portal, vertical portal, business intelligence portal and personalization.

Portal Software
Products such as MyEureka provided out-of-the-box portal software that could be customized. This example is a page that delivered news and links to pages and sites of personal interest. (Screen shot courtesy of Information Advantage, Inc.) See MyEureka.
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The joint solution allows organizations to augment their BEA-based corporate portals with a full suite of collaboration and knowledge management capabilities providing an easy-to-use and cost effective solution to enhance the value of corporate portals.
This solution enables organizations to augment their corporate portals with a full suite of collaboration and knowledge management capabilities quickly, seamlessly, and cost effectively.
With that background, here are the seven "Cs" of corporate portals, which describe crucial characteristics that portals should exhibit to add value to knowledge management initiatives.
The primary benefits expected from corporate portals are integration with enterprise applications and effective distribution of information.
The new release provides enhanced interoperability with corporate portals, wizard-driven data adapters and one-touch report customization.
As enterprise portals become the interface for business applications to employees, it is critical to increase end user adoption and drive repeat usage of corporate portals and extranets.
With Netegrity's SiteMinder platform, we can enable customers to extend the value of their corporate portals by centralizing security management and providing secure, seamless access to personalized information based on user roles and entitlements," said Plumtree CEO John Kunze.
Additionally, protection of the information downloaded from corporate portals, such as sales materials, corporate financials and other confidential files, is equally as important as organizations attempt to minimize information and document leakage at the endpoint.
The new InterAction Gadget Web Services are components for integrating InterAction capabilities into the Plumtree Corporate Portal, offering customers a comprehensive solution for extending CRM capabilities to professional services firms that use corporate portals as the gateway to their business resources.
The majority of the companies surveyed are evaluating corporate portals for enterprise-wide deployments of more than 5,000 users.
NASDAQ:VIGN) today announced it has received the 2004 Quality Standard Award for Corporate Portals in Brazil by B2B magazine.
Irene Krenskaya, iframe's Director of Strategic Services, immediately followed, and spoke at length about iframe's implementation methodology, and how it applies to the rollout of corporate portals.

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