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What does it mean when you dream about correspondence?

To receive much correspondence in a dream may represent an overdue letter or communication that one is expecting. To be writing in a dream may indicate that the dreamer needs to send a letter to someone.

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Owing to these complications, the simplest type of correspondence is impossible when either negative facts or negative propositions are involved.
Enough has been said to show that the correspondence between the belief and its objective is more complicated in this case than in that of the window to the left of the door, and this was all that had to be proved.
In spite of these complications, the general nature of the formal correspondence which makes truth is clear from our instances.
folded with the correspondence from Russia uppermost, lying on a little table by the side of the armchair.
This is a mystery I cannot understand,' says I, 'or how it should be to my satisfaction that I am to be turned out of doors; for if our correspondence is not discovered, I know not what else I have done to change the countenances of the whole family to me, or to have them treat me as they do now, who formerly used me with so much tenderness, as if I had been one of their own children.
The software is a mobile application that operates on both iOS and Android systems, allowing users a secure channel for private or group correspondences.
The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE) is holding a four-day programme on preparing memos, correspondences and reports as part of its 2013 strategic plan to train, rehabilitate and advance its human resources.
First he reports the various correspondences traditionally assumed to exist between male and female organs to counter the notion, usually implied, that the male sex is superior.
Unlike many other humanist correspondences, this one was not meant for publication and hence possesses a greater degree of authenticity.
Ray Johnson: Correspondences" perhaps inadvertantly emphasizes the chilly formal side of Johnson's production, and in this light, the gambols of the New York Correspondence School seem an awful lot like homework.
In the last month we have sent correspondences to numerous market makers in regard to potential "locate" violations.