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see Barbary StatesBarbary States,
term used for the North African states of Tripolitania, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. From the 16th cent. Tripolitania, Tunisia, and Algeria were autonomous provinces of the Turkish Empire. Morocco pursued its own independent development.
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; piracypiracy,
robbery committed or attempted on the high seas. It is distinguished from privateering in that the pirate holds no commission from and receives the protection of no nation but usually attacks vessels of all nations.
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a robber on the high seas. Originally, around the 14th century, the term was applied to seafaring robbers of North Africa. Later the term acquired a broader meaning, becoming a synonym for pirate and privateer.


1. a pirate
2. a privateer, esp of the Barbary Coast
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The author states that the Barbary corsairs [were] a unique phenomenon .
And oh, the Corsair also came with fitted carpets rather than the rubber matting that up to then had been very much the norm.
Two months after the car's launch, Ford introduced the option of an automatic gearbox in the standard and de-luxe modes, but although the Corsair proved to be a popular choice sitting between the Cortina and Zephyr, it really screamed out for a bit more power.
The unit's F4U Corsair trainers had previously performed on a five-day schedule, but now flight operations were often suspended several days prior to the end of each month due to lack of funds for aircraft fuel.
Last year against the Raiders, the Corsairs scored 30 points in the fourth quarter to come within two points of a win.
Santa Monica (3-3, 2-1) had a chance to win the game, but when penalties moved the ensuing kick back to the 30-yard line, the Corsairs couldn't convert.
Dense-Pac's stacking technology appears to have the best combination of performance and cost in the market," said Andrew Paul, president of Corsair.
Thus, it fell to the veteran Navy and Leatherneck Corsairs to carry the war in the beginning.
Swooping in low, the Corsairs blasted every antiaircraft site they could identify, searching frantically for the telltale puffs that marked the guns, while the Ads flew the gauntlet in rapid succession, straddling the dam and knocking a hole squarely in the middle.
At 1336 the Corsairs intercepted the raid 30 miles from the task force and discovered a bomber marked with Soviet red stars.
The gift from Texas Trust will help facilitate the foundation's educational program connected with the Corsair, which Chance Vought Aircraft originally manufactured during World War II.
With headquarters in Fremont, Corsair is growing at a phenomenal rate with high-end memory products and power products.