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see Barbary StatesBarbary States,
term used for the North African states of Tripolitania, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. From the 16th cent. Tripolitania, Tunisia, and Algeria were autonomous provinces of the Turkish Empire. Morocco pursued its own independent development.
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; piracypiracy,
robbery committed or attempted on the high seas. It is distinguished from privateering in that the pirate holds no commission from and receives the protection of no nation but usually attacks vessels of all nations.
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a robber on the high seas. Originally, around the 14th century, the term was applied to seafaring robbers of North Africa. Later the term acquired a broader meaning, becoming a synonym for pirate and privateer.


1. a pirate
2. a privateer, esp of the Barbary Coast
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Thus, it fell to the veteran Navy and Leatherneck Corsairs to carry the war in the beginning.
VMF-323 and VMF-214 Corsairs flew cover for the Marines, pouring machine gun fire into enemy positions not 50 yards ahead of the assault forces.
The Raiders' defense dominated, holding Corsairs quarterback Dylen Smith to 32 yards on 3 of 8 passing in the first half.
The Raiders apparently forgot the Corsairs are known for late-game heroics.
Dense-Pac believes that the Corsair relationship could produce up to $2 million in new business within the next 18 months.
As a part of the CES live demonstrations, Corsair has partnered with Charles Wirth -- world renowned extreme overclocker known as Fugger and the owner of the popular web site Xtremesystems -- to host an overclocking workshop where world records are expected to be re-written with the new TWIN2X2048-10000C5DF DOMINATOR.
During this deployment CVG-19 comprised Attack Squadron (VA) 195 AD-4 Skyraiders, Composite Squadron (VC) 3 Det F F4U-5N Corsairs, VC-11 Det 7 AD-4Ws, VC-35 Det 3 AD-4Ns, VC-61 Det C F9F-2P Panthers, Fighter Squadron (VF) 191 F9F-2Bs and VF-192 and 193 F4U-4s.
They will be honored at a special Corsair Homecoming here on June 18th featuring many of the dozen Corsairs still flying.
On 4 September Valley Forge's combat air patrol (CAP), comprising four F4U-4B Corsairs from VF-53, was stationed 20 miles from the carrier at 10,000 feet under the control of Fletcher (DDE 445).
com)-- Texas Trust Credit Union has donated a truck to the Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation that the group will use to transport a restored half-scale F4U Corsair, a plane that it exhibits for educational purposes.
The DOMINATOR family of memory represents the ultimate in performance technology engineering from Corsair.
Corsair designs, manufactures and markets memory modules for the high-end workstation, server and PC marketplace.